The following editorial was penned by Franklin Countian Susan Cunningham, who points out why President Biden’s Build Back Better plan will have a huge impact on our nation’s future. Susan graciously granted permission to publish her thoughts here: 

I don’t understand why some voters in Missouri are so against Congress passing a bill that will benefit those same voters and their children. The Build Back Better bill was passed by the House of Representatives but languishes in the Senate behind a wall of obstruction that hurts all of us, and the children especially.

Maybe it’s because my granddaughter just gave birth to her second child that I’m wondering what kind of society those babies will face in coming years.  Every baby deserves a safe, nurturing environment with good medical care.  Every three and four year old needs and deserves top quality, affordable day care and education.  My granddaughter gets eight weeks paid leave to bond with her baby.  Isn’t it sad that I am thankful for that?  Every civilized country in the world knows the importance of those first few days, months and years in a child’s life.  

Republicans in Congress have fought every attempt by Democrats to help American families lead safe, healthy lives. Now we are fighting the worst pandemic in a century, and many Republicans, and probably some Democrats, would rather die than be vaccinated. They are even willing to sacrifice their children to the virus like some ancient cult ritual.

I’m writing this on the 80th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  It’s often said that the “enemy within” is more dangerous than any foreign adversary.  Time will tell.


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Photo Credit:  Kelli McClintock on Unsplash