The Franklin County Democratic Central Committee is sponsoring its second community service project of the year.

A recent news release shared that the Franklin County Humane Society is operating at double its intended capacity. The reason? During COVID lockdown, people wanted comfort and companionship, so they adopted pets by the droves. But now that so many have returned to in-person work or have resumed travel they no longer have the time nor the ability to care for those little guys and gals.

The bottom line is that they have far too many little ones and not nearly enough supplies to care for them.

While the Humane Society is working hard to find them new forever homes, they are in desperate need of various types of pet food, cleaning supplies, toys, and operating funds. Here’s the link to their Supply Wish List:

That’s why the Central Committee unanimously voted to support them through a community service project. The Pet Supply Drive will run from September 6 through September 25.

Even though the Central Committee is the group sponsoring this community service project, it’s open to everyone. We’d love to partner with other groups (Dem or not) to help this non-profit organization out. This is a good cause, and we can all come together to help out our little furry (and not-so-furry) friends.

Here are the details:

Please share this with others and join us!


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Photo Credit: Ayla Verschueren on Unsplash