Note: This was reprinted with permission from Mr. Glenn Kage, Jr. 

Throughout history the nation’s electoral process has tabulated hundreds of millions of votes in elections for everything from ballot initiatives to local municipal, county, state and national elections.  Nearly 160 million votes were cast in the 2020 presidential election alone! 

Elections are held under state and federal guidelines which typically are enforced by the state’s elected Secretary of State, elected county officials and election judges that have been appointed by the Republican and Democratic central committees.

I was honored to represent the Democratic Party as an election judge in the 2006 elections.  It was an opportunity to learn how the process worked and it made for an interesting if not very long 16 to 18 hour day.  I was one of six election judges, three Democrats and three Republicans at Reckline Auditorium in Cuba, MO. 

Throughout the day voters entered the auditorium to cast their votes. They were asked to verify their names and initial signifying the proper address in the Crawford County precinct register, then sign as a voter before they received their ballot.  A few of the people that showed up to vote were not on the voter rolls so a call had to be placed to the Crawford County Clerk for verification of where the voter was supposed to be.  

A few were at the wrong polling location and were sent to the proper place to vote, and a few were where they were supposed to be at Reckline but not on the voter rolls.  Under the instructions of the County Clerk those voters were given “Provisional Ballots” which would be researched by the County Clerk and if verified to be correct, included in the final vote count.

On November 3rd, 2020 more Americans voted for Joe Biden than any other president in history.  These votes were certified by bi-partisan election judges at the county level, Secretary of State at the state level and on January 6th the United States Congress and Senate met to certify the outcome of the election proclaiming Joe Biden the winner with  81,283,098 votes to Donald Trump’s 74,222,958 votes. 

For more than two hundred years the United States system of electing our representation and passing or rejecting ballot initiatives has worked.  Why?  Because there are checks and balances in place to protect the integrity of the elections.  The local election judges are your friends and neighbors.  Men and women you see in church, shopping, coaching sports.  They are on the front lines of every election providing the checks and balances that ensure fair elections.  For those reasons I believe that the election process does work.


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Photo Credit: Element5 Digital on Unsplash