LABADIE, MO: Franklin Countian John Kiehne has announced his candidacy for Missouri’s Senate District 26. SD 26 covers Franklin County, Wildwood, Eureka, and other sections of west St. Louis County. 

Currently held by Sen. Dave Schatz, the seat will be vacant due to term limits. Kiehne ran previously for the position against Schatz, where he received more than 30,000 votes. He believes he can win. 

The candidate is confident he has the leadership and problem solving skills needed to represent the needs of constituents.

Citing issues that are important to every Missouri family, Kiehne emphasized that if elected he will go to Jefferson City to fight for the everyday person. He wants to make sure that every Missourian receives an excellent public education and affordable access to healthcare. He wants to take care of our environment so residents will have clean air to breathe and clean water to drink. Kiehne is committed to making sure that our roads and bridges are safe, and will fight for broadband access for all Show-Me State residents. 

Kiehne stated that elected officials are here to serve the people, and he pledged to do just that if elected. 

In addition to serving as Vice Chair of Missouri’s 3rd Congressional District, Kiehne currently serves as Treasurer of the Franklin County Democratic Central Committee. To learn more about his campaign, go to his website: or follow him on Facebook and Twitter


The Franklin County Democratic Central Committee meets the last Monday of each month. Due to COVID, meetings are currently being held via Zoom. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Photo Credit: Glen Carrie on Unsplash

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