What do a gently used lamp, a backpack, a too-snug shirt, and an oversized quilt have in common? They are all life changers. 

The Franklin County Democratic Central Committee held its first Community Service Project of 2021 on Saturday, June 12. The group held a Spring Cleaning drive and donated the items they collected to the Agape House in Pacific. 

What began as a box or two of clothing items that were no longer needed ended up being a sizable donation. Fortunately, Agape House staff were on hand to help unload items from the caravan of vehicles. Everyone was amazed when they saw that the loading dock was nearly full with gently used clothing, household items, small kitchen appliances, home decor, cookbooks, picture frames, backpacks, food, and more. 

Tonya Graham, Executive Director of the Agape House, spoke on behalf of the organization. “Thank you so much for your donation. The proceeds from these items will help pay for medicine, heat, rent, electricity, and food for those who desperately need our help. Please know your donation is going to help a lot of people.” 

Agape House Executive Director Tonya Graham receives a donation from Committeeman Dan Kandlbinder.

Committeeman Dan Kandlbinder served as the coordinator for the group’s community service project. He noted, “Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, in our community, and across the country, our citizens have suffered. Some have lost loved ones, others are unemployed or underemployed, others have a lack of proper medical care, food, clothing or shelter, and many are battling with mental health, drugs or alcohol problems brought on by anxiety/stress contributed by the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. Today and every day, we must continue to be our brothers and sisters’ keepers, to seek out the needs of our community and strive to help out those organizations like the Pacific Agape House and make sure they have the necessary resources and services to help all those in need in our community. Thank you to the Franklin County Democratic Central Committee volunteers and those who donated items to the Pacific Agape House. May God continue to bless those who are in need.”  

Central Committee Chair Clyde Voelkerding added, “We are so pleased with the event and want to thank those who volunteered and donated!  Democrats believe in service to the community and this is a small but important way for us to be able to be of service to our neighbors.”


The Franklin County Democratic Central Committee meets the last Monday of each month. Due to COVID, meetings are currently being held via Zoom but will resume in-person in July. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Photo Credit: Franklin County Democratic Central Committee