The following commentary is published with permission from Alan Bell, Franklin County Democratic Central Committee member:

This country was created as the United States of America – not the Republican States of America, not  the Democratic States of America, not the Red States of America, not Blue States of America, not the Conservative States of America, and not the Liberal States of America.  

The founding fathers created a constitution in 1787 that designed a government which allowed for diverse ideas to be reconciled for the betterment of the entire county. They did this by looking for common ground and compromising. 

The founding fathers knew there were and would continue to be conflicting opinions in the states during the ratification process.  The individual states knew a constitution had to be created so a series of compromises were made to make sure the goal would be reached. 

They had no idea that our modern government’s political entities would ignore the importance of the checks and balances in the constitution and refuse to find ways to compromise and govern in a “win-win” manner. They did not see that we would come to the point where it is now “my way or no way”.  

In order for the founding fathers to come together and create the Constitution, they had to find common ground, they had to compromise , and had to find solutions that worked for everyone, not just one faction.  This is especially true of the Supreme Court which should be a politically neutral branch of the government. 

Our current government has abandoned the purpose of our governmental structure and turned to a process that erodes the foundation of this country.  We are headed for a fall unless both parties become less self-centered and narrow minded and accept that moderation is not a bad word. Compromise must become a priority. 


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Photo Credit:  Wylly Suhendra on Unsplash