The following commentary is published with permission from Alan Bell, Franklin County Democratic Central Committee member:

I recently began preparing the documents needed for my driver’s license renewal which this year can be the REAL ID driver’s license.  So, in order for me to drive my car, I needed a passport or birth certificate, valid Social Security source, and two specific residency verifications.  I will also need to pay the $17.50 license fee.  If I were a first-time driver or a new Missouri resident, I would have to take a written test, a vision test, and a driving test. I must have my car pass safety inspections before I can drive it.

However, if I wanted to buy a handgun so that I could use it to shoot someone who I think MAY be a threat to me, I can buy a handgun from a private seller and only have the following requirements needed:

  • Be 18 or older
  • Provide state ID

NO REGISTRATION NEEDED, no training needed, and no background check.  Not even a vision test. Certainly a firearm is more deadly than a car. Statistics show that in 2020 there were 989 traffic fatalities and 689 firearm deaths in the state of Missouri.  The traffic deaths are primarily accidental while firearm deaths are predominantly intentional. In this state, State Senators Schatz and others have eliminated any training, registration, or any form of assurances that a firearm owner is capable and responsible for its use. This is truly irresponsible and stupid.


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Photo Credit: steve woods on Unsplash