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This video segment of The Daily Take by Thom Hartmann questions whether Democrats Were Duped By The Caucus Room Conspiracy?  Thom even CR Brasserieincorporates President Harry Truman into this piece.  Enjoy.

Back on the night of January 20th, 2009, when most Americans were out celebrating the end of the Bush years and Barack and Michelle were dancing at the inaugural balls, a group of powerful Republicans was planting the seeds of your loss this week.

At the Caucus Room restaurant here in Washington,DC, Republican leaders drew up a plan to sabotage President Obama at every point possible and deny him any sort of legacy.

Over juicy steaks and fancy cocktails in a private room in the back of the restaurant, the Republican bigwigs promised each other that they would filibuster and obstruct any and all legislation supported by President Obama.

Congressman Pete Sessions, who was at the 4-hour long dinner, even promised to use “Taliban-like” tactics to achieve those goals.


Thom Hartmann’s The Daily Take takes on the Supreme Court and the legal theory of Judicial Review.  He lays out the actions that paint the Supreme Court as the new monarchy.  The court assumed this power in Marbury v Madison and has been making laws ever since. Watch the video and share your thoughts.  Have a great Independence Day!

In this 7 minute video Thom Hartmann asks “Are Millennials  The Leftiest Generation Since FDR?” Do you think the younger folks in your life are leaning to the left?  Have they had enough of the Reagan era policies that are clouding their future?

Thom Hartmann tells the story of when and how the Republican Party became the party of the rich.  Yes, there was a time, long ago, when they weren’t.

In this episode of The Big Picture Thom Hartmann covers the Cyprus government’s idea to take money from savings accounts in order to avoid making the bank executives responsible for the problem be held responsible.  He also discusses John Boehner and Paul Ryan’s change of position from overhyping the budget deficit to their new position that it may not be such a big deal.  The show finishes with a review of a study that the GOP is the party of Old, Stuffy White Men.  Enjoy the show.

In this episode of The Big Picture our friend Thom Hartmann dissects the claims of conservative “values” and wonders why anybody would call themselves a “conservative?”

Some time ago Thom Hartmann, American’s leading progressive broadcaster allowed Truthout to publish his book “Rebooting the American Dream: 11 Ways to Rebuild Our Country” for free to those interested in reading this well-researched plan for economic recovery.  On this blog, links were posted allowing regular readers direct access if they chose.  Considering how our readership has increased since that time and many may have missed the opportunity to read Thom’s plan now seemed like a good time to repost the link.  Enjoy at your leisure.

The introduction includes a story of George Washington and his insistence on wearing an American made suit for his inauguration.  Sounds simple, but considering the Engilish had pursued a policy of taking American raw materials and then bringing them back as finished goods which had the affect of eliminating most manufacturing in the colonies this was no simple task.  There was still one maker of American suits and Washington proudly wore their wares for his inauguration. 

This story made me wonder if today’s legislators, particularly those fond of publicly swearing their devotion to the founding fathers intents continue this spirit of buying American in order to improve our economy?   I wonder if someone that has supposedly spent a great deal of time on creating policies that will create jobs, improve schools, and advance the standard of living for those they ask to elect them have given much thought to a practical way to accomplish those goals.  When buying a home do they insist that home have as many American made components as possible?  These builders and consumers featured on this evening’s World News Tonight do.  When buying the second largest investment many people make, their vehicle, do they bother to learn which makes have the hightest level of domestic content and provide the most American jobs?  If a person isn’t doing what they can to create American jobs in their home, do they expect us to believe they care about ours?

How could Republican President George W. Bush turn a 6 trillion dollar projected surplus into a 10 trillion dollar budget deficit without a word from Republicans or the Tea Party?  How has right-wing economics led to almost thirty years of GOP power?  Do you believe in Santa Claus?

Our friend Thom Hartmann has the story on this six minute video and explained in his excellent article, Two Santa Clauses or How The Republican Party Has Conned America for Thirty Years.   If you have ever wondered why tax cuts for rich folks are the answer to all economic conditions, check it out.

In Iowa this week, Republican candidate Mitt Romney revealed his true thoughts with his statment that “Corporations are people.”  Enjoy Stephen Colbert’s take on this statement of allegiance to corporate personhood.

For a more realistic view of corporate personhood you can read Thom Hartmann’s Unequal Protection for free.  It is amazing to think that the legal foundation of corporate personhood, which is counter to the founders vision, was slipped into law by a clerk to the Supreme Court.

Organizations fighting the concept of corporate personhood you may be interested in are: – Program on Corporations, Law, and Democracy - Restoring Citizens Authority Over Corporations. - Move to Amend, you can sign the petition to amend the Citizens United decision by the U.S. Supreme Court giving corporations the rights of people in the political process.

Enjoy, Learn, and Join the fight!

From The Big Picture we get a nice breakdown of the American Legislative Exchange Council, how it works, and what it’s doing …

Consider this in the context of recent revelations about Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. phone hacking scandal and it should make your hair stand on end. What is beginning to emerge is much more than a story about invasion of privacy by a few bad apples. It’s a story of a global corporate media apparatus feared by governments and politicians around the world.

Taken together, a very troublesome picture comes into focus. We now have a system in which private interests pay to vote alongside lawmakers to approve state legislation that will benefit their respective industry, while the Fox News Network broadcasts a very specific corporatist message into homes, doctors offices, bars, restaurants, and lodges all across the nation to steadily opiate the masses.

So effective is the propaganda that not only do people not rise up against the systemic inequity that results from ALEC legislation, but an entire swath of the population is fiercely defending it in the name of “patriotism.” George Orwell couldn’t have imagined a more chilling narrative.

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