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This week’s audio netcast:  Economist Barry Eichengreen says Obama deserves a B-plus in his economic recovery course. Sociologist Isaac MartinImage result for Image, radio outlines the history of a radical activist group. We call them “the rich.” And Bill Press talks with Democratic whip Steny Hoyer about the dysfunctional GOP holding Homeland Security hostage.

Sister Simone Campbell’s What Pope Francis Would Say To Obama: Let Workers Unionize takes a look at the intersection of core values and biblical US President Barack Obama meets with Pope Francis, Thursday, March 27, 2014 at the Vatican. Obama called himself a "great admirer" of Pope Francis as he sat down at the Vatican Thursday with the pontiff he considers a kindred spirit on issues of economic inequality. Their historic first meeting comes as Obama's administration and the church remain deeply split on issues of abortion and contraception. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)teachings with today’s problems…

This post first appeared at National Catholic Center.

On March 27 of this year, Pope Francis and President Barack Obama met to discuss, among other topics, their shared concern about the moral and economic crisis of growing income inequality. Pope Francis has deplored “unfair economic structures that create huge inequalities,” and President Obama has called inequality “the defining issue of our time.”

Our Catholic faith teaches that addressing inequality must include just wages and working conditions for those in the labor force. As long ago as 1891, Pope Leo XIII affirmed the right of workers to form associations or unions to seek justice and fair wages. In 1981, St. John Paul II asserted the fundamental “priority of labor over capital” and called for “new movements of solidarity of the workers and with the workers.” And more recently, Pope Francis called on the faithful “to fight for social benefits, a dignified retirement, holidays, rest and freedom for trade unions. All of these issues create social justice.”

In keeping with our faith’s social justice tradition, I strongly support a key element of President Obama’s agenda, which is to raise the minimum wage. Ultimately, the minimum wage should be a living wage, providing low-wage workers with what they need to rise out of poverty and care for their families. That is justice.

Than Kenyan Socialist in the White House is presiding over record stock market highs, gas price lows, and accelerating job creation.  Isn’t somebody going to yell Benghazi?


At 4 a.m this morning while preparing for work I was fortunate enough to catch a live broadcast of President Obama’s D-Day 60th Anniversary Address.  What a wise investment of 25 minutes!  This speech was truly moving and inspired me to make a special effort to be sure my kids know of the sacrifices made on that monumental day.

Forbes asks Economically, Could  Obama Be America’s Best President?

Interview with Bob Deitrick, co-Author “Bulls, Bears and the Ballot Box” (BBBB):

Q- Bob, how much credit should Americans give President Obama for today’s improved equity values?

BBBB – Our research reviewed American economic performance since President Roosevelt installed the first Federal Reserve Board Chairman – Republican Marriner Eccles.  We observed that even though there are multiple impacts on the economy, it was clear that policy decisions within each administration, from FDR forward, made a clear difference on performance. And relatively quickly.

Presidents universally take credit when the economy does well (such as Reagan,) and choose to blame other factors when the economy does poorly (such as Carter.)  But there was a clear pattern, and link, between policy and financial market performance.

The auto rescue plan has worked.  American car manufacturers are still dominant and employing millions directly and in supplier companies.  Wall Street reform has been painful but it has re-instated faith amongst investors.  The markets are far more predictable than they were four years ago, as VIX numbers demonstrate greater faith and less risk.

Even for small investors, such as those limited to their 401(k) or IRA investments, the average annual compound return on stocks under President Obama has been more than 24% since the lows of March, 2009.  This is a better result than either Clinton, Reagan or FDR – who were the prior winners in our book.

So how did Republican hero Ronald Reagan rank?

Few people think of Reagan as a stimulus addict.  Yet, his administration’s military build-up added $1trillion of stimulus to the national debt ($2.3trillion adjusted for inflation) – the opposite of what is happening during the Obama years.  Many like to think that it was tax cutting which grew the economy, but undoubtedly we now know that this dramatic defense and infrastructure (highways, etc.) stimulus had more to do with igniting economic growth.  Reagan’s spending looked far more like FDR than conservative Herbert Hoover!

If you got to bed early last night on account of the Super Bowl that wasn’t there will be little nostalgia in a look back at the event.  But if we go back toFree, Public Domain Image: Smiling American President Barack Obama Stock Photography before the teams took the field there was a contest that was the best of the day.  I am speaking of the pre-game interview of President Obama by Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly.  I will compare the events by saying it seemed the President scored on both defense and offense. like the Seahawks while O’Reilly muffed his way through incurring more than one fumble.  Enjoy this video interview from the site of

Interesting story from USA Today describing the performance of the stock market during President Obama’s first term.  This blog has featured many articles and audio posts on how the economy, stock market, and wages have historically done better during Democratic administrations.  Looks like the pattern still holds.  Read on to find out which President oversaw the best stock market performance…

Despite critics that brand him as anti-business and anti-Wall Street, President Obama’s first term in the White House has been bullish for stocks.

The Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index has risen 85% since Obama was inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2009, says S&P Capital IQ. That stellar return tops first-term gains of Obama’s past four predecessors: George. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan.

Using the Dow Jones industrial average, Obama ranks third in first-term stock performance of all presidents; Franklin D. Roosevelt is No. 1, says Bespoke Investment Group.

Author Sally Denton is featured in this week’s audio netcast.  Horrendous economic conditions, broken capitalism, and lies aimed at the president are just some of the things they have in common.  Sit back, turn up your speakers and learn about the differences in the bank bailouts and the “birth certificate” style attacks FDR endured.


The World Trade Organization (WTO), has just issued a ruling in support of America and President Obama regarding unfair trade in speciality steel by China.

Obama has won WTO victories against Beijing in areas ranging from intellectual property rights to financial services to raw materials trade and has launched several other challenges, such as a case against Chinese export restrictions on rare earth materials.

He has also created an interagency trade enforcement unit to devote more resources to ensuring China and other countries abide by global trade rules.

This is another big win for Fair Trade, an issue I have been working on for the last fifteen years.  We are continuing our campaign to level the playing field for American workers and business by asking for China to be named a currency manipulator.  This would allow equalizing tariffs that would remove the Chinese advantage from this unfair trade practice.

Congratultions President Obama for successfully standing up for American workers and business.

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