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The Daily Show goes hunting for Obamacare horror stories, have fun!

No wonder John Boehner is suing the President over the Affordable Care Act, the GOP has done everything they can to stop people from getting health insurance only to see millions sign up.  The news for Republican politicians just got worse with this new study by the Commonwealth Fund concluding that Obamacare is working – […]

Wendell Potter explains how Making Insurers Do The Right Thing Saves Billions The chairman of the committee, Sen. Jay Rockefeller, (D-W.Va.), then decided to explore the issue further. After examining years of reports filed by insurance companies, the committee found that, as Rockefeller said Wednesday, “many of the policies health insurance companies were selling to families […]

Jonathon Chait has penned Republicans Finally Admit Why They Hate The Affordable Care Act.  Talk about a fun read be sure to include this one.  Looking back at all the Republican talking points with all their certainty of impending doom only to have reality illustrate that doom has indeed come – for the talking points. […]

Economist Dean Baker’s blog Beat The Press describes how One Million More People Are Eligible For The Exchanges Every Month.  That sound you just heard was Congressman Blaine Lemmingmeyer chasing the pieces of his blown mind. The New York Times ran a piece reporting that more Democrats running for election this year are openly campaigning on […]

Andy Borowitz cuts to the quick with his review of Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner’s reaction to Obamacare enrollments exceeding projections and totaling over seven million. A riveting scene unfolded in Congress today as a tearful Speaker John Boehner took to the floor of the House to tell his colleagues, “I don’t want […]

This week’s audio netcast:  The Paul Ryan budget – the one that believes black men don’t have the culture to work – comes under attack from Democratic strategist Ed Kilgore. With Obamacare once again under fire at the Supreme Court and another sign-up deadline passing, health care analyst Phillip Longman talks about the policy challenges […]

DailyKos has this story of a Koch Brothers $700,000 ad buy featuring an Arkansas woman that has had her insurance cancelled.  The only problem? – it’s not true.  Again. “We received a letter from our insurance company as of December of 2014 that we would no longer be covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield,” says […]

The Republican Party has once again evaded reality attempting to generate another Obamascare story, this time based on the recently released CBO report on the Affordable Care Act.  The report basically says that with the ability to purchase their own insurance and reduced rates, independent of their employer, many Americans will choose to work fewer […]