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Click here to view the official trailer for “Mitt”, the documentary that covers six years in the life of Republican Presidential candidate Willard Mitt Romney.  It actually looks good despite a lack of political substance due to it’s focus on his family.  They look like nice folks but I still have a hard time getting […]

Andy Borowitz takes on failed candidate Mitt Romney’s appearance on the Sunday talk shows in Obama Has Lied to Americans Says Lying Expert. President Obama has imperiled his second term by lying to the American people, one of the nation’s foremost lying experts said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” The accusation carried weight, observers […]

Jeff Zeleny interviews Dan Balz, author of Collision Course 2012 about what happened to the Romney campaign during that election cycle. Are you surprised that the GOP never could “humanize” their nominee? How about the fact that the Obama campaign ran a superior campaign? That it is difficult for right-wing consultants to comprehend polls?  There […]

For the fourth straight year a Republican has told the Lie of the Year as judged by Politifact. It is the fourth year PolitiFact has looked back over a year’s worth of political mendacity and selected the most significant falsehood. Last year, it was the claim that Republicans voted to end Medicare. In 2010, it […]

Looks like Mitt Romney isn’t being honest.  Or forthcoming.  One of the best investigative reporters in the country, Greg Palast, has revealed how Mitt Romney made millions while outsourcing thousands of American jobs to China.  His report, Mitt Romney’s Bailout Bonanza, published in the Nation describes in detail how it happened and the extent of Romney’s […]

Ouch, this article literally destroys Mitt Romney’s claims to be a “job creator.”  David Stockman, Budget Director for Ronald Reagan dissects Romney’s career at Bain deal-by-deal and shows how they made money for Romney while hurting investors, workers, and other small  businesses. In Mitt Romney, The Great Deformer, Mr. Stockman lays out in detail the […]

Enjoy this great clip from the Big Fat Whale…  

You have to share this video with your consevative uncle.  President Obama diagnoses the Republican candidate with “Romnesia.”   What makes this special is the film clips of Mitt contradicting, forgetting, Etch-A-Sketching, or lying about his previous positions.  This is a good one.

Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney recently spoke to members of the National Federation of Independent Business(NFIB), a right-wing lobbying group, and asked them to communicate with their employees the right way to vote and the possible consequences for not doing so. Personally, I find this concept offensive but also am skeptical of how effective this […]


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Obama explains the symptoms of Romnesia … Of course, Romnesia is the lay term for this affliction. The Latin term is lyingyourassoff.