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Jobs, Health, Education, Environment were the agreed upon four values upon which each of the state level Franklin County Democrats ran last November. I want to highlight two in this post:

Health and Environment. The two topics are inseparably connected!
Tonight I will be working with the Labadie Environmental Organization to do all we can to preserve the quality of our land, air, and water in Franklin County. We are doing all we can to stop the proposed changes to Articles 2 and 10 of the Franklin County Planning and Zoning Unified Land-Use Regulations. Commissioners now have to deliberate on the evidence and testimony presented at June 11th’s Public Hearing. There is also the Missouri Supreme Court ordered retrial coming up on MONDAY, AUGUST 17, 2015 in Judge ROBERT D. SCHOLLMEYER’s court at 9:00 AM.

Last night I went to an outstanding presentation on “Fight Cancer with Your Fork” by Dr. Susan Silberstein, PhD Founder / Educational Director of the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education. Just a few highlights of points made relating our health with our body’s environment:
The oft-repeated quotation: Hippocrates “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
A less known Chinese proverb: “Whatsoever was the father of a disease, an ill diet was the mother.”
Also Dr. Silberstein underscored the importance of our internal and external environment by relating the argument between two famous scientists, Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) and Claude Bernard (1813-1878).
Their work overlapped. Their conclusions sometimes agreed and other times disagreed with each other’s. Pasteur adopted the germ theory while Béchamp formulated the cellular theory, which was quite at odds with the germ theory. Bernard’s work was aligned with Béchamp’s. Bernard described milieu intérieur, the environment within, which he and others also called terrain.
But on his deathbed, Pasteur said “Bernard was correct. I was wrong. The microbe (germ) is nothing. The terrain (milieu) is everything.”
In short,
Improve our biological terrain – improve our bioterrain!

Germ vs Cellular Theory

Please see and share what happened to us (LEO) Tuesday night AND about our next PUBLIC HEARING:


See also the article in the eMissourian:


We have another chance to make statements to the Public Service Commission! Here’s today’s  email notice from PSC:

From: [] On Behalf Of Ochoa, Gregg
Sent: Wednesday, July 03, 2013 10:46 AM
Subject: [Psc-releases] MEDIA ADVISORY — PSC To Hold Local Public Hearing In Washington In Ameren Missouri Case

Missouri Public Service Commission
Governor Office Building
200 Madison Street
PO Box 360
Jefferson City, Mo. 65102-0360
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JEFFERSON CITY—The Missouri Public Service Commission will hold a local public hearing in Washington on July 10 in a certificate of convenience and necessity case filed by Union Electric Company d/b/a Ameren Missouri. The local public hearing schedule appears below.

July 10—Washington. Knights of Columbus Hall, Lower Level, 1121 Columbus Lane. The local public hearing will begin at 5:00 p.m. with the taking of testimony from the public.

In January, Ameren Missouri filed an application with the Missouri Public Service Commission seeking a certificate of convenience and necessity from the Commission to expand the boundaries of its Labadie Energy Center to permit the construction and operation of a utility waste landfill. Ameren Missouri has asked the Commission to approve its application by December 31, 2013, to allow it to begin construction of the landfill in 2014.

The Commission held a local public hearing in this case on June 25, 2013 in Union. Attendance at the hearing was heavy and many interested persons were unable to testify. Therefore, the Commission is scheduling a second local public hearing on July 10 in Washington to give more people an opportunity to testify.

This local public hearing will be held in a facility which meets the accessibility requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Any person who needs additional accommodations to participate in the local public hearing should call the Public Service Commission’s hotline at 1-800-392-4211 (voice) or Relay Missouri at 711 before the hearing.
Case No. EA-2012-0281

BE in Union at the Scenic Regional Library (308 Hawthorne Drive) from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. TODAY!  PLEASE…see below, original email

invitation at end of this post:


I think it would be a good follow up to the June 29 PSC hearing and to keep

Claire’s feet to the fire. She has to have MO contacts to help stop the Labadie travesty

IF she chose.


[ a little jingle I've fantasized about any McCaskill demo we might stage some day:

Claire, Claire

We want clean air.

We won't get out of your hair

Until we get what's fair. ]



Begin forwarded message:


From: “Brendan Fahey – St. Louis Office of Senator Claire McCaskill” <>

Subject: “Kitchen Table Talk” in Franklin County Hosted by the Office of U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill

Date: June 24, 2013 3:00:20 PM CDT


Return-Path: <>

Dear Mr. Klinedinst,

My name is Brendan Fahey and I am a staff member for U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill. On Tuesday, July 2, 2013, on behalf of the Senator, I will be hosting a “Kitchen Table Talk” in Union at the Scenic Regional Library (308 Hawthorne Drive) from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. The purpose of this meeting is to reach out to you, to listen to your thoughts and ideas about federal policies and legislation and to take them back to the Senator.

These “Kitchen Table Talks” also serve, in part, to inform you of the services that are available through Senator McCaskill’s regional offices. The Senator’s staff throughout the state are able to assist you on a range of federal government issues. If you are currently having an issue with a federal agency, I will be happy to discuss that with you and put you in touch with the member of the Senator’s staff best suited to help with your issue.

Should you have any questions, please contact me at Brendan_Fahey@mccaskill.senate.govor by calling (314) 367-1364. I hope you will be able to join me in Union on July 2nd.


Brendan Fahey

Field Representative

U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill

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The Washington Missourian

The Ameren Missouri coal-fired power plant in Labadie is the second worst mercury polluter in the nation, according to a recently study released by Environment Missouri, a nonprofit advocacy organization.

Researchers with the environmental group analyzed new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency data in the study, “America’s Biggest Mercury Polluters — How Cleaning Up the Dirtiest Power Plants Will Protect Public Health,” released this week.

The EPA accounts for the emissions in its annual toxics release inventory. That inventory utilizes self- reported data from power plants.

The Labadie power plant produced 1,527 pounds of airborne mercury emissions in 2010, according to the study, second only to the Big Brown Steam Electric Station and Lignite Mine in Fairfield, Texas. That site produced 1,610 pounds last year.

As a whole, Missouri power plants emitted 3,835 pounds of airborne mercury in 2010.

Ameren was responsible for 3,699 pounds as a company.

We didn’t need this study to tell us how big of a polluter Ameren is in Franklin County. Neither did the county commissioners when they recently decided to give Ameren the green light on building a 400-acre coal ash waste dump in the Labadie Bottoms floodplain. The Franklin County Planning & Zoning Dept. had the data all along. It included the following statistics in a power point presentation in May of 2010 in a series of open houses to discuss existing conditions in the county:

Other Pollution:

  • Franklin County ranked #5 in Missouri (2007) for total toxic chemicals disposed of or released
  • 93.7% of toxic chemicals came from Ameren power plant in Labadie
  • Majority is solid waste stored onsite
  • > 1/3 waste comes from air emissions (hydrochloric acid, hydrogen fluoride, sulfuric acid, metal compounds (e.g., mercury)

There are 114 counties in Missouri. Ranking 5th among them for anything is pretty impressive. Presiding Commissioner, John Griesheimer, 1st District Commissioner, Terry Wilson, and 2nd District Commissioner, Ann Schroeder, all had this data at their fingertips and none of them ever brought it up in public. By a vote of 2 to 1 they sided with the 2nd worst emitter of mercury in the nation over the health and well being of the county. This was never a case of not knowing the risks. They knew and they gave Ameren what it wanted anyway. Let’s not forget that.

Had the most unbelievable conversation with 2nd District Commissioner Ann Schroeder at Robller Winery yesterday. She told me the commission’s decision to take up amending the county’s landfill use regulations had nothing to do with Ameren’s interest in building a 400-acre coal ash landfill in Labadie Bottoms. It was just an unfortunate coincidence that the utility’s plans became public at the same time they were deliberating on this issue.

I have no doubt that Schroeder is sincere in her recollection of this timeline. The public record may even show that the land use amendment was on the agenda before reports of Ameren’s plans became public. I don’t know. But if there is no connection between the commission’s actions and Ameren’s proposed landfill then why does the amendment they wrote go to such great lengths to define coal ash waste storage? If the land use regulations have no connection to the landfill project why did Ameren legal have such a huge presence at all of the public hearings on this particular issue? If it’s just a coincidence why did so much of the discussion revolve around how high to build the levy around the very landfill Ameren is coincidentally proposing? And why did Ameren’s lawyers court the two commissioners who eventually ended up voting yes instead of Ann who voted no? It’s a ridiculous assertion. It may have started out not having anything to do with Ameren, but it sure as hell didn’t end that way.

continue reading…

Click here to view the beautiful Labadie Bottoms in Franklin County. Take a good look because soon Ameren will be destroying this floodplain, alive with wetlands critters, birds, and the magic of nature’s cleansing power.

On Tuesday, three county  commissioners decided to change the planning and zoning regulations to allow a toxic coal ash dump in the Missouri River floodplain. This has been a two-year struggle by well-informed, educated, powerfully professional citizens to stop an incredibly stupid plan by Ameren Missouri.

Ameren is a “power” company in more ways than one. They have absolutely no good arguments for what they want to do.  It’s just the cheapest (for them) and easiest solution to their waste disposal problem. They lied about having done a five-year study looking at alternative sites. When forced to produce such a study, they fumbled all over themselves with excuses. There was no study of alternative sites, and when local citizens gave them suggestions for alternative uses for the coal ash, they didn’t even bother to follow up on those ideas. Neither did the commissioners.

The fix was in from the beginning. (And I include the one “no” vote because that commissioner did nothing publicly to change the outcome. Ann Schroeder passively voted “yes” by her silence.)

I’m bumping up this piece from May 25, 2010. It still blows my mind that the county’s own research shows Ameren is responsible for most of the county’s pollution and here they sit, poised to allow them to pollute us even more. Amazing. It would be different if they were ignorant of the facts. But the commissioners have the information on file down the hall in the Planning and Zoning Department.

On May 17th, 2010 the Franklin County Planning and Zoning Dept. held the first in its series of open houses to discuss existing conditions in the county and to get ideas and concerns from the public. The presentation provided lots of statistics but one section in particular stood out for me. From the PowerPoint presentation we learn …

Other Pollution:

  • Franklin County ranked #5 in Missouri (2007) for total toxic chemicals disposed of or released
  • 93.7% of toxic chemicals came from Ameren power plant in Labadie
  • Majority is solid waste stored onsite
  • > 1/3 waste comes from air emissions (hydrochloric acid, hydrogen fluoride, sulfuric acid, metal compounds (e.g., mercury)

continue reading…

Second District Commissioner Ann Schroeder said in a recent working session on the new land use regulations that she does not like the idea of building a landfill of any kind in a floodplain, let alone one filled with toxic coal ash, but that her objection is simply “philosophical.”

No Ann, it’s not a philosophical disagreement we are having here. It’s a logical disagreement based on reality and facts. You don’t have to be an engineer to understand that putting a toxic waste dump in a floodplain is illogical no matter how many safeguards are added. It has nothing to do with philosophy.

If you want to talk philosophy then let’s talk about who our public officials are supposed to be representing in a functioning democracy. The only people who are going to benefit from these new land use regulations are the CEOs of Ameren and the local public officials who will likely receive campaign contributions for having approved them. There is nothing in this plan that serves the public, whose interests the commissioners are supposed to represent.

That’s the philosophical part of this. Putting a toxic waste dump in a floodplain is a bad idea, no matter what your philosophy might be.

To hear Presiding Commissioner John Griesheimer and County Council Mark Vincent tell it, plenty of time has been made available to the public for comment on the new land use regulations being drafted for Franklin County. But as I remember it the public was consistently silenced when it came to discussing any specifics of the coal ash landfill Ameren Missouri wants to build in the Labadie Bottoms floodplain, or the hazards that will inevitably come with it.

They told us only public comments would be allowed that pertained to land use regulations in general. They said any discussion of coal or Ameren’s proposed landfill was out of bounds and would not be allowed. They said it was irrelevant to the regulations under consideration and the public should restrict its input to this vary narrow interpretation.

So I was a little shocked to see that the written document of the proposed regulations is almost entirely dedicated to the subject of storing coal ash waste in a landfill somewhere in Franklin County. I wonder where that might be?

The county commissioners have essentially told the public opposition to Ameren’s landfill to “sit down and shut up,” while hiding behind procedure and legaleze. They can now make the claim that they gave the public a fair hearing while pushing through regulations custom made for their most vital constituent: Ameren. All these public hearings were just for show.

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