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Andy Borowitz breaks the untold to this point story of John Boehner’s quest to lead the worst Congress ever. With six fingers of Johnnie Walker swirling in his favorite tumbler, John Boehner speaks with the quiet assurance of a man on the brink of something big. Just three workdays remain until Congress packs it in […]

LOL There are flickers of hope in our recovery and certainly they’re welcome,” the speaker said. “But the American people were promised by the president that unemployment would not exceed 8 percent. And here we are 36 straight months with unemployment over 8 percent. Translation: President Obama promised to rescue the family station wagon after […]

Jed Lewison makes an excellent point: Just to refresh everybody’s memory: President Obama and Democrats gave John Boehner and the GOP “98 percent” of what they wanted in the debt limit deal. Then, 48 hours after Boehner’s deal got signed into law, S&P issued a credit rating downgrade, blaming Republicans for being hostage-taking, terror-inducing, revenue-refusing […]

When conservatives talk about being “pro-life” what they are singularly focused on is “abortion.” But opposing abortion is not being pro-life. It’s just being against a specific medical procedure. If conservative Republicans were morally consistent they’d also be advocating for social programs that aid the poor and vulnerable instead of de-funding them. If they were […]