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GIVE from Representative Deb Lavender’s Bi-Monthly Newsletter June 25, 2015    Year 1 Newsletter 11 Bills Signed by Governor Nixon House Bill 514:  provides tax breaks for a redevelopment project in Fenton. The bill allows for designated tax increment financing for the former Chrysler plant in Fenton that closed in 2007. The site will be developed […]

Yesterday, NPR’s On Point with Tom Ashbrook devoted an hour to The Blue Collar  Jobs Of Tomorrow – listen here. The new blue collar jobs.  We’ll look at where they are and what it will take to get one. This Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2014 photo shows Jonah Devorak testing the dimensions on a high-pressure valve […]

Mike Konczal and Bryce Covert at The Nation ask the question “Does the Minimum Wage Kill Jobs?”    Well the employment numbers are in from states that recently raised their minimum wage, look what they found. Get ready for Fox to load the whitewasher and set it to the creative spin cycle.

Want to make these job gains more impressive?  2 years ago Salon asked Bush vs Obama: Who Created More Private Sector Jobs? Salon compared the first term private sector, the ones Republicans are always talking about,job growth of Presidents Bush and Obama. . It’s a story that probably isn’t getting told enough about the Obama […]

Nissan Yen-Aided Cuts Threaten Detroit Price Discipline is a well-written article that brings awareness to Japan’s history of currency manipulation and the consequences for Americans. Nissan’s sales boom has the industry on edge. It’s the first sign of a Japanese automaker taking advantage of the weakening yen that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has pushed down to […]

This weeks Moyers & Company features an interview with Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman.  Paul contends that all the over-the-counter medicine has been used to cure the ailment known as the Great Recession.  It’s time for the prescription strength remedy and Paul describes what must be done. The first priority is creating jobs which […]

Mitt Romney’s post-debate victory lap just got interrupted. Today’s jobs report shows the rate of unemployment has dropped to 7.8 percent, the lowest level since President Obama took office. This is great news for everyone except the GOP obstructionists in Congress who’ve done all they can to block any and all job creation measures in […]

Despite the GOP’s claims that they and they alone are the arbiters of small-government, free-market capitalism, the facts tell a different story. Private sector employment has moved into net positive territory for the first time in a long time under President Obama, while the stock market is up and public sector jobs are down. Exactly […]

From Otto Fajen’s report: GOOD JOBS FIRST ACT The House Economic Development Committee will hear HB 1571 (Jeanette Mott Oxford D-59) on April 24. The bill establishes the Good Jobs First Act which substantially increases the accountability and reporting requirements for all state development subsidies to corporations. The bill limits development subsidies to those creating […]

Some highlights of what Obama’s American Jobs Act could mean for Missouri if passed: In Missouri, 120,000 firms will receive a payroll tax cut under the American Jobs Act. About 24,000 jobs to rebuild and modernize the state would be supported The President’s plan will expand the payroll tax cut passed last December by cutting […]