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That’s right, the GOP has written a new page in their cookbook for electoral success.  Sure it’s basically the same recipe used to enact policies that cut wages then convince working people that the elephant party is for them.  The same recipe that allows them to vote against equal pay for equal work, keeping salary […]

Salon has the story of a Republican that has seen the light in I was poor, but a GOP diehard: How I left the politics of shame. The people who most support the Republicans and the Tea Party carry a secret burden.  Many know that they are one medical emergency or broken down car away […]

Andy Borowitz reports that the Eric Cantor loss has caused the GOP to release their new platform… The morning after Tuesday’s stunning Tea Party victory in Virginia, House Republicans unveiled a sweeping new legislative agenda, proposing an end to Social Security, a return to child labor, and unprecedented gun rights for pets. “The Republican Party […]

This will make some CONservatives very nervous.  It appears Conservatives  Are Losing Edge On Social Values.  Yikes, outside of the 1% their economics are an electoral loser so if the shiny object of social issues goes away it starts to look like trouble for the Gargantuan Old Pachyderm.  Self-professed conservatives long have outnumbered liberals in […]

This one is from DailyKos

Yesterday, every Republican Senator voted against equal pay for women.  Not surprising since I can’t remember the last time the GOP supported a policy that would improve wages.  The more desperate folks are the more subservient they will be for their corporate masters.  That said, it’s a strange way to demonstrate that there is no […]

The Progressive Populist editorializes. GOP Needs ACA Backlash, in their current edition… The threat of losing insurance has kept millions of Americans tethered to dead-end jobs, particularly if they or their family members had chronic health problems. They are now able to retire and/or start their own business and still find affordable insurance. Meanwhile, Republican […]

Andy Borowitz has breaking news on the Republicans going pro-active and helping Americans get health care with their new website. WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Saying that “the American people are fed up with a disastrous Web site that doesn’t work and never will,” House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) and a phalanx of congressional Republicans today […]

The New Republic is carrying The Last Days of the GOP.  This interesting read details the historical precedent of using wedge issues to create a winning recipe that resulted in the GOP taking over the U.S. House in 1994 to the current riff among Republicans and their black sheep cousins in the Tea Party. This […]