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Are you ready for it? Another study has found that Fox News is leading the media world in…. So it should come as no surprise that fact-checking watchdog Politifact recently came out with their latest Truth-O-Meter scorecards for the 3 major cable news networks. You’ll be shocked to learn that Fox News was once again found to […]

Brave New Films has released their documentary on Rupert Murdoch’s War On Journalism – OUTFOXED!  The full movie can be seen by clicking here.  With Politifact finding that Fox News only tells the facts that are “True” or “Mostly True” 21% of the time has America been Outfoxed? One thing for sure, once you see […]

Mike Konczal and Bryce Covert at The Nation ask the question “Does the Minimum Wage Kill Jobs?”    Well the employment numbers are in from states that recently raised their minimum wage, look what they found. Get ready for Fox to load the whitewasher and set it to the creative spin cycle.

Andy Borowitz on what happens when someone watches too much Fox News… Tracy Klugian, thirty-one, briefly came into contact with alarmist Ebola hearsay during a visit to the Akron-Canton airport, where a CNN report about Ebola was showing on one of the televisions in the airport bar. “Mr. Klugian is believed to have been exposed […]

You knew Colbert couldn’t resist going after Fox after they put their patented spin on the Iraq War…

Jon Stewart takes on the misinformed crowd at Fox and their ginned up assault on the Bergdahl family.  Fun!

Addicting Info is carrying Understanding The History of Fox News… Fox changes words, meanings, facts, and even actual news footage. There are thousands of examples of FOX not just “leaning” in a particular direction on an issue… but actively changing around the words and meanings of interviews to make them seem to say the opposite […]

Cartoonist Ward Sutton is in his wheelhouse with TED Cruz talks, his animated look at the Texas Senator.  One frame of the story is posted below. If that doesn’t make you laugh at the sociopath from the lone star state try reading this article from The Hill reporting on Senator Cruz’s father’s view of the […]

In case you missed the Daily Show with Jon Stewart this week you have to see this segment in which he uses clips of Fox News “personalities” advocating the elimination of many parts of the constitution.  A light-hearted look at the heavy subject of politicians and pundits giving you constitutional b__s____ from one side of […]