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Good thing I bought my breakfast food before the government shutdown or who knows what could be ingested, you know, with no more food inspectors on the job thanks to “representatives” like Blaine Luetkemeyer.

While you hopefully will be getting up and going to work today, even if you don’t get along with everybody at work evidently our $175,000 being paid to Blaine isn’t enough to get him to do his job.  Sure he’s voted 42 times to defund the Affordable Care Act, not counting the last three budget resolutions but voting to keep Meals on Wheels rolling is too much.

Blaine’s colleague and fellow Republican Devin Nunes became so frustrated with his GOP co-workers he called them “lemmings with suicide vests.”  He is right about one thing – birds of a feather flock together.

Guess which representative is “flocking” the people of Missouri’s 3rd district?  Blaine “Lemming”meyer.

Well, looks like former banker Blaine Luetkemeyer has achieved legislative success.  As we recover from the Great Recession Congressman Luetkemeyer has taken a pause from cutting taxes for the rich, dismantling Social Security and Medicare, reducing unemployment benefits, and slashing food stamps to tackle the tough issues of the day – helping his fellow bankers.

Congressman Luetkemeyer’s bill exempts bankers from liability if a sign notifying customers that there is a fee for using an ATM is not posted, is the sort of vital leadership that constituents of the 9th district have come to expect.  This is almost as important as sending out right-wing talking points disguised as legislative updates or voter surveys.

The first thing this story reminded me of is the story of Mouseland.  We have featured the animated story of Mouseland, made famous by former Canadian Prime Minister Tommy Douglass but it so strongly resembles this case I had to bring it back.  Mouseland is the story of a government of cats that were elected by mice.  Naturally, cats made laws that were good for cats, even if they weren’t so good for mice.  Enjoy the video story of Mouseland and share your thoughts.


Lawrence O’Donnell host of The Last Word on MSNBC is featured in this video describing how the Democrats should use the Fiscal Cliff to keep middle class taxes at current levels, raise tax rates on the wealthy, and allow spineless Republicans to work around their pledge to lobbyist Grover Norquist.

Why would an elected represntative put a pledge to a lobbyist before the needs of their constituents?  Ask GOP representatives like Blaine Luetkemeyer.  The fact that House Republicans like Blaine are demanding cuts to Social Security and Medicare while fighting like a cornered cat to stop the richest Americans from paying three percent more in federal income tax highlights rheir misplaced priorities.  Enjoy The Last Word and call your congressman!

Another trip to the mail box, another piece of taxpayer funded propaganda from U.S. Representative Blaine Luetkemeyer. 

Blaine uses this piece to warn constituents about the expiration of the Bush tax cuts and how this will result in the largest tax increase in history -unless Congress doesn’t extend them.  Luckily for us, Blaine thinks this is unacceptable and “will continue to do everyting in my power to stop the largest tax increase in American history.”

It seems Bliane is less than truthful with his largest tax increase in history claim as President Reagan holds that distinction.  Unfortunately, this error is minor compared to the sin of omission that is the basis for this propaganda. 

The congressman’s dire warnings about tax increases if there is no legislative action compeltely ignores that fact that the Democratic majority Senate has passed tax reform that would maintain the current tax rates for 98% of Americans.

“The House can either pass these middle-class tax cuts like we did, or it will be clear they are putting millionaires first,” said Senator Charles Schumer, a New York Democrat.

Not surprisingly, millionaire Blaine chose to “do everyting in his power” to put millionaires and billionaires first, voting to give then an average yearly tax cut of $150,000.  The Paul Ryan/House budget would also raise taxes on those earning under %200,000.

This  budget would also destroy Medicare for seniors by replacing the current system with a voucher that will lose value over time, leaving seniors on the hook for premiums that exceed the voucher.

Tax cuts for the rich and benefits cuts for the rest.  Making that sound like good policy will require more BS from BL.

Back in May this blog featured a post regarding refunds that may be available to Missourians thanks to the Medical Loss Ratio provisions of the Affordable Care Act/Obamacares. 

 Over 20 percent of consumers who purchase coverage in the individual market today are in plans that spend more than 30 cents of every premium dollar on administrative costs.  An additional 25 percent of consumers in this market are in plans that spend between 25 and 30 cents of every premium dollar on administrative costs.  And in some extreme cases, insurance plans spend more than 50 percent of every premium dollar on administrative costs.  This regulation will help consumers get good value for their health insurance premium dollar.

In 2011, the new rules will protect up to 74.8 million insured Americans, and estimates indicate that up to 9 million Americans could be eligible for rebates starting in 2012 worth up to $1.4 billion.  Average rebates per person could total $164 in the individual market. 

Our previous post asked you to contact Representative Blaine Luetkemeyer and ask him not to vote for repeal of the ACA/Obamacare as many will be receiving refunds from their insurance company if that company spent more than 20% on items other than health insurance for clients.  I contacted Rep. Luetkemeyer and recently received his response – a weakly reasoned theory that insurance companies being required to provide at least 80% of premiums on actual health care might lead to fewer anti-fraud efforts.  They can easily find fraud by looking in the mirror.   He failed to mention the compensation of health insurance CEO’s such as Stephen Hemsley of United Healthcare who has over $744 million in unexercised stock options!  How many anti-fraud efforts would that buy?

Much to Luetkemeyer’s chagrin, I just received my refund for over $250 thanks to Obamacares.  Sorry Blaine but most of us expect a fair deal from our insurer and it feels great getting some of it back when they shortchange us.

This week’s Democrats for America Netcast features an interview with Michael Greenberger, former regulator with the Commodities Futures Trading Commission as he makes the case that since President Obama called out oil speculators gas has been declining in price.  He estimates that limits on speculation would result in $2.50 per gallon gasoline.

Of course with Congressman like Blaine Luetkemeyer doing all they can to distract from this fact, as noted in this blog last month – Luetkemeyer Propoganda Revisited.  Luetkemeyer has refused to sponsor legislaton to control this excessive speculation that hurts farmers, ranchers, commuters, and the working class the most.  Instead he chooses to parrot the drill baby drill chant while watching gasoline become our largest export.

Enjoy the netcast for those not afraid to stand up and fight!  Of course, feel free to share, particularly with your conservative uncle.

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster is currently leading a campaign to maintain the accuracy of Missouri’s No-Call List   This list prevents unwanted telemarketers from calling you at home.  You can register your home number at the Attorney General ‘s website or by calling 866-289-9633.

A similar list for cell phones was passed this session.  Thank goodness Blaine Luetkemeyer is no longer in the state legislature as he would be sponsoring legislation on the state level legislation to allow companies to call your cell phone like he has at the federal level.  Democrat Chris Koster vs Republican Blaine Luetkemeyer?  I’ll take Koster.

At the Truman Days Banquet last weekend we had the pleasure of hearing from many of our candidates for office.  I would like to recognize the candidate for Congress in the new 3rd Congressional District, Eric C. Mayer.  He is the only Democrat running for this office which is currently held by insurance executive Blaine Leutkemeyer.  The new 3rd will encompass all of Franklin County.

Please visit the website of Eric C. Mayer to learn more about his campaign.  It would be refreshing to have someone in congress that represents the people of the district and will address issues that actually matter.  Mr. Leutkemeyer has been sending out Blaine’s biased bulletin disguised as reports from Congress long enough.   How about someone that is not just a corporate mouthpiece?

On September 30, 2011 several area residents of the 9th Congressional District gathered at the Washington district office of Congressmen Blaine Luetkemeyer to present a petition signed by 7,600 constituents.  The petition stated:

Dear Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer,

7,600 of your constituents have signed a petition that says: “I stand with Warren Buffet.  It’s time for Congress to stop coddling the super-rich and make them pay their fair share.” 

Will you pledge to support the “Buffet Rule” calling for millionaires – like you – to pay the same tax rate as the middle class?

We are looking forward to a response from Congressman Luetkemeyer.  He holds a position in which integrity is vital.  No other occupation in the country can vote themselves a raise and vote to lower their own taxes.  With this ability comes great responsibility.  As it stands now, Congress can give themselves a pay raise and lower tax rates while asking you to give up your Social Security.  Maybe it should be the other way around.  We can vote to keep our jobs and Social Security while asking them to cover that cost by paying the same tax rates as working people.  

At the very least millionaire politicians should recuse themselves from voting on issues that they would directly benefit from.  Almost every profession’s Code of Ethics prohibits direct involvement that is a conflict of interest between a person’s personal and professional position.  Congressional ethics – there’s a concept. 

Thanks to Lloyd, Bobbi, Susan, and Marcy for taking the time to accompany me in presenting this petition.  I wold also like to thank Staff Assistant Mary Tinsley of the Congressman’s office for her graceful response to our visit.


By way of Progress Missouri, this report from Environment Missouri (pdf) seems especially timely since the Republican-controlled House (with the help of our own Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer (MO-9)) just voted along party lines to ease clean air regulations.

New Report: St. Louis Named 7th Smoggiest
Large Metro Area in the Country

St. Louis, MO – Today Environment Missouri released a new report showing that the St. Louis area ranks as the 7th smoggiest large metropolitan area in the country. Smog is a harmful air pollutant that leads to asthma attacks and exacerbates respiratory illnesses, especially among children and the elderly. The new report, Danger in the Air: Unhealthy Air Days in 2010 and 2011, shows that in total, residents in the St. Louis area were exposed to air quality that made it dangerous to breathe on 23 days in 2010. Also, this summer, residents in the St. Louis area have already been alerted to unhealthy air on 23 days, two of which were “red?alert” days, when the air quality was so poor that anyone could experience adverse health effects.

Seems like a perfect time to roll back clean air standards.

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