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If you missed President Obama’s speech in Kansas City yesterday you missed a good one.  One thing that was hard to miss was the similarity to Missouri’s only President – Harry Truman.  In particular his acceptance speech at the 1948 Democratic Convention.

When President Truman was faced with a Republican congress that spent more time articulating than legislating he took the opportunity to point out their inaction so Americans would know what the situation in Washington really was.  He even went so far as to call Congress back into session.

President Obama raises the same issue in this speech.  Despite the fact that Republicans like talking about work and doing their best to keep wages down they rarely work and accept a salary of over $170,000.  For that money Americans expect for their legislators to at least try to address the issues that are affecting their lives.

It seems both President Truman and Obama share a “Show-Me” attitude.


Obama explains the symptoms of Romnesia …

Of course, Romnesia is the lay term for this affliction. The Latin term is lyingyourassoff.

To compare your tax bill under both candidates’ plans you can try out the easy-to-use tax calculator for yourself here.

Despite the GOP’s claims that they and they alone are the arbiters of small-government, free-market capitalism, the facts tell a different story. Private sector employment has moved into net positive territory for the first time in a long time under President Obama, while the stock market is up and public sector jobs are down. Exactly the opposite was true under Bush.

To recap, under Obama:

  • Private sector jobs: Up by 35 thousand
  • Public sector jobs: Down 608 thousand
  • Stock market: Up by 64%

And under Bush:

  • Private sector jobs: Down by 646 thousand
  • Public sector jobs: Up by 1.7 million
  • Stock market: Down 24%

Sure, a net gain of 35,000 is not much to brag about but it’s a heck of a lot better than 646,000 job losses. And Obama still has four more years to go ;-) !

The Obama campaign has marked the sixth anniversary of Romenycare with this video featuring John McDonough, who helped craft the health care reform law in Massachusetts, along with Jonathan Gruber, before heading to Washington to help President Obama pass a similar version — individual mandate and all.

The main differences between the two laws are, Romneycare covers abortion and includes a requirement that an advisory panel appoint one member from Planned Parenthood. It also increases access to healthcare for illegal immigrants. Obamacare doesn’t do any of those things.

It’s easy to forget all that has been accomplished in the last three years. It’s even easier to forget the volatile context in which it was achieved. The Obama campaign’s short titled, The Road We’ve Traveled, helps us to remember. It puts things into perspective in an emotional, yet fact-based way, without being sappy or disingenuous.

There will be people on the left who will complain the president could have done more. I’m not so sure after watching this retrospective. He did a lot. As far people on the ideological right who have convinced themselves that Obama is a Muslim, socialist, Manchurian candidate from Kenya out to establish a “Green World Order”, you should probably avoid this video. It will just make you sad. For the rest of the rational world, it’s worth seventeen minutes of your time.

The Obama team has unveiled the trailer for the president’s reelection campaign film produced by award-winning filmmaker, Davis Guggenheim (Waiting for Superman, Inconvenient Truth). Narrated by Tom Hanks. It’s a retrospective of Obama’s first term, the challenges he was faced with when he took office, the solutions he implemented, and the fruits of his policies. It’s slated for release March 15.

Additionally, The Washington Weekly lists Obama’s top 50 accomplishments since taking office. Right-wing heads exploding in 3,2,1 … Enjoy.

After Romney won on Tuesday in Arizona and Michigan he had this to say …

It’s very easy to excite the base with incendiary comments. We’ve seen throughout the campaign if you’re willing to say really outrageous things that are accusative, attacking of President Obama, that you’re going to jump up in the polls. I’m not willing to light my hair on fire to try and get support. I am who I am.

That’s a pretty remarkable admission. What Romney is saying here is that any GOP candidate willing to question Obama’s birthright, or faith, or label him an evil socialist, despite all evidence to the contrary, holds a special place in the hearts of today’s conservative base. The GOP rank and file has become so irrational in its obsession with the president it can no longer think critically about what’s best for the country. It no longer cares about facts or the truth or reality or policy solutions. It just wants read meat, no matter how detached from reality it may be.

It’s been this way from the day Obama was sworn into office. Before any tangible policies were even put forward by this administration, the unhinged attacks and kooky conspiracies to delegitimize the president began. Liberal observers have noted this all along. It’s just surprising to finally hear it coming from a leading GOP candidate.

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