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Here is the article from which the Jan 28 graphic was taken: What ALEC has in store for children, educators, and American workers Posted December 3, 2014 by Brian Washington Politicians looking to trade their votes for lavish gifts recently engaged in three days of backroom dealing in Washington, D.C. that will eventually result in […]

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Katrina vanden Heuvel has penned Building a progressive alternative to ALEC… When it comes to moments in history, 1973 was not exactly a banner year for the Republican Party. The Senate Watergate Committeebegan its televised hearings in May. Spiro Agnew resigned in October. And President Nixon used a pre-Thanksgiving news conference at Disney World to unconvincingly assure the country […]

All In with Chris Hayes this week featured an investigative report on the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).  Many members of the Missouri House and Senate are members of ALEC including area legislator and Speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives Tim Jones.  Tim Jones is currently a state co-chair of ALEC. This video features an interview […]

Tim “tickets” Jones is cringing tonight as one of his fellow Republican state legislators spilled the beans on Right-to-Work(for less).  The Post-Dispatch reported it this way:  Thank you, Ed Emery, for telling the truth, if only inadvertently. Mr. Emery, a Republican state senator from Lamar in southwest Missouri, was one of many Republicans on Tuesday […]

This week was full of news related to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).  The torrent started with The Guardian releasing a report that emphasized the financial difficulties the group was experiencing due to losing corporate members in the last year.  OF course when the real purpose of the group becomes known to the public, […]

If this week’s paycheck is not enough you may want to read The Economic Policy Institute’s new report on The Legislative Attack on American Workers 2011-2012.   Does it seem these attacks on the Minimum Wage, Workers Compensation, Unemployment Benefits, Paid Leave, and Overtime rights have increased since the “tea party patriots” came to power in […]

Let’s have a little fun with this salute to Missouri’s Co-Chair of the American Legislative Exchange Council Tim “tickets” Jones and friends.

After yesterday’s post on the antics of conservative radio king Rush Limbaugh it might be a nice contrast to consider this DailyKos article 15 Things We Would Know If There Was A Liberal Media. It is more than obvious that the corporate media promotes a corporate agenda, not a liberal one.  Check out the link […]

The current edition of In These Times cover story is about Wage Theft, Workers across America are being robbed and have no place to turn.  This article paints a dismal picture of workers being ripped off by dishonest employers.  This in turn leades to workers having to take matters into their own hands to receive […]