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Pretty darn crazy. Todd Akin, the guy who thinks women have magic lady parts that secrete a chemical toxin that kills off rape sperm whenever there has been a, ahem, “legitimate rape,” drew nearly 46 percent of the county vote. Akin would have handily bested Sen. Claire McCaskill’s 47 percent if not for one Jonathan Dine, the anti-government Libertarian candidate who got almost 7 percent of the vote.

So who is Jonathan Dine? Well, let’s start with the giant marijuana leaf he likes to draw on his chest with a Sharpie. His most recent felony conviction is for growing pot in his apartment. He was convicted of identity theft in 2005, and has about a dozen traffic violations, mostly DWI convictions in 2011. Seven percent of Franklin Countians thought this guy would make a better U.S. Senator than McCaskill. Classy, eh?

I don’t know which is saddest about our county, the fact that 46 percent of voters voted for an anti-science screw ball like Akin over a relatively harmless stoner like Dine (Dine is somehow the radical here), or the fact that nearly 53 percent voted against McCaskill, the only sane one of the bunch.

Seriously, what’s the matter with Franklin County? People here are nuts. Thank goodness the rest of the state came to its senses and voted to reelect McCaskill by a margin of 15 points.

So many thoughts, need to focus. 

Justice: Congratulations to President Obama and Joe  Biden.  His historic work on health care reform and efforts to  modernize many aspects of the American economy through the stimulus are vindicated and will continue.

 Just as importantly, a Romney loss will highlight the faulty strategy of relying on “misrepresentations” as campaign themes.  Issues like the “failed” stimulus, government take over of health care, or the $700 billion taken from Medicare to fund Obamacare.  Romney’s loss was built on these thematic misrepresentations.  Combined with his lack of transparency on both personal and public issues these were all signs of an undeserving candidate.

Congratulations to all our local candidates on both sides of the aisle for investing the time and energy it takes to make democracy work.  The same goes for all the supporters and volunteers who invested so much effort.

I am excited about the election to the state house of my good friends Michael Frame, Bob Burns, Bill Otto, and Clem Smith.  They will form a solid core of advocates for working people.  This would have been better with the election of Ann Schroeder, Sam Komo, and Deb Lavender but a tip of the hat to the hard work that didn’t result in victory but enriched their districts.

Polls: I would like to think the mainstream just blew it but can’t.  Last week I listened to Limbaugh practically guarantee a Romney victory, citing polls and ad buys as his evidence.  The mainstream media joined this alternative reality which also had the benefit of keeping things close enough to boost ad sales all over the country.  Sites such as DailyKos and TPM which have links on our home page both had this nailed.  KOS predicted 303 Electoral College votes and hit it on the head.  The right-wng willingness to ignore the evidence was strikingly similar to their approach on climate change, tax policy, economic strategy, and several other issues.  Look to the GOP Senate rejection of a non-partisan report that tax cuts for rich folks don’t create jobs as another example of this.

Paper Ballots Please: It appears the Republican efforts to suppress the vote may have generated a backlash.  Can we get past this and start automatically registering voters when they turn 18?  If all citizens can have a Social Security number a voter registration shouldn’t be far behind.  A switch to paper ballots, mail and early voting would eliminate the long lines that make our elections a spectacle not appropriate for the world’s leading democracy.

Congratulations to Mary Jo Straatmann who managed to eek out a victory for County Public Administrator 50.35/49.54. Straatmann joins Sen. Claire McCaskill and Gov. Jay Nixon as the only Democrats to win in Franklin County.

And to all the other local Democratic candidates who lost, know this: It does not take any political courage or genius for a Republican to run for and win public office in Franklin County Missouri. If you have an R after your name you can pretty much sleepwalk to victory. The demographics are custom fit for the GOP candidates. It is white, older, southern conservatives whose political ideas are almost entirely informed by the Fox News Network. Fortunately, it is a shrinking demographic that is clearly out of step with the rest of the country (as evidenced by last night’s overall national election results). Still, Franklin County remains a tough nut to crack if you are a Democrat seeking office.

Kudos to all who gave it a shot.

At a recent Romney campaign event one brave soul had the courage to hold up a sign that read, “End Climate Silence,”  and shouted “What about climate? That’s what caused this monster storm,” in reference to hurricane Sandy. Romney was frozen and clueless because he simply has no ideas beyond tax cuts for the rich. But I’m more interested in the crowd’s reaction. They shouted the protester down with chants of U.S.A, U.S.A, ripped the sign from his hands, and booed him out of the event, as if by doing so would make what the man just said completely untrue because … America!

Here’s the video …

It’s a modern-day rendition of Animal Farm by George Orwell. Remember that novella from your high school lit class? It examines the dangers of group think, indifference, ignorance, and myopia that occurred in the run up to the Stalin era.

We’ve just seen yet another unprecedented climate event devastate another large swath of the country. The evidence of man-made climate change has never been clearer. But instead of getting serious about it, these folks ban together and chant the equivalent of “Four legs good! Two legs bad!” It’s horrifying and depressing.

Obama explains the symptoms of Romnesia …

Of course, Romnesia is the lay term for this affliction. The Latin term is lyingyourassoff.

Follow this link and click the red “Get The Details” button to learn everything you need to know about Romney’s tax plan. Hilarious because it’s true.

I Like A Man Who Grins When He Fights. – Winston Churchill

Latest Polls in Key Battleground States 9/24-26:

Florida Florida Times-Union/InAdv Obama 49, Romney 46 Obama +3
Florida CBS/NYT/Quinnipiac Obama 53, Romney 44 Obama +9
Ohio CBS/NYT/Quinnipiac Obama 53, Romney 43 Obama +10
Pennsylvania CBS/NYT/Quinnipiac Obama 54, Romney 42 Obama +12
Pennsylvania Franklin & Marshall Obama 52, Romney 43 Obama +9
Michigan Rasmussen Reports Obama 54, Romney 42 Obama +12

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