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UPDATE 8/30/2010: The Washington Missourian reported in its weekend edition that county prosecutor, Bob Parks, has reviewed the initial police report but is waiting for detectives to do some additional investigating. Parks said he expects to make a decision on possible criminal charges after the Labor Day weekend. That Parks did not immediately dispose of the case is noteworthy.

KMOX Radio reports that The Washington Police Department has wrapped up its criminal investigation of Brian Nieves regarding the alleged assault charges brought by Shawn Bell, Dick Stratman’s campaign staffer. The report has been forwarded to Franklin County Prosecutor, Bob Parks.

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Exceptional Equestrians in Krakow is now offering special sessions of their therapeutic riding program for disabled Veterans. These sessions are specifically designed for Veterans of all ages who have physical or mental injuries. This program “Horses for Heroes”, allows Veterans to receive these services at no cost to themselves.

EE is currently looking for Veterans to participate in the 12 session therapeutic riding program. Their injuries do not have to be combat-related or even recent and they don’t have to be physical injuries. Therapeutic riding can also help with post traumatic stress syndrome. Riding programs are very helpful to people with physical injuries as they assist in building up muscle strength, balance, and confidence. As far as mental injuries are concerned, it has often been said that the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man.

The “Horses for Heroes Program” is also looking for able-bodied Veterans who would be willing to volunteer to assist their fellow Veterans. The program will provide any training that is needed.  It takes several volunteers to assist just one disabled rider.

Anyone who is interested in participating in the “Horses for Heroes” program, either as a rider or a volunteer, should contact Lindsey Mohr or Laura Jenson at 636-390-2141. You can also visit their website which is: . This is a new program that just started in March and both disabled participants and able-bodied volunteers are needed to make this work here in Franklin County. If you know a disabled Veteran who could benefit from this program, get them to contact Exceptional Equestrians. If you are a Veteran who would like to do something for fellow Vets, get on out there and volunteer.

Gov. Jay Nixon announced a new veterans’ jobs program for the state of Missouri in his “State of the State” speech last week. The program known as Show Me Heroes asks employers to pledge to hire veterans and will post listings of job openings in conjunction with the Missouri Career Source and Career Centers.

The website ( )will showcase veterans’ qualifications and list job openings within the state. Many employers are not aware of some of the assets that a veteran can bring to a company. There are also a variety of benefits such as tax credits that employers may be able to take advantage of.

Employers designated as “Show-Me Heroes” acknowledge the burdens and sacrifices made by members of our Armed Forces in order to preserve our national security. They also recognize that many of these veterans, in addition to current members of the National Guard and Reserve, are seeking work with Missouri employers and possess the training, education, motivation, and character that are vital in today’s workforce.

“Show-Me Heroes” employers pledge to:

• Reach out to Missouri’s veterans and members of our National Guard and Reserve in order to provide employment in Missouri’s workforce.

• Take full advantage of Show-Me Heroes to effectively match qualified veterans and members of our National Guard and Reserve who are seeking employment with appropriate job openings.

• Provide increased employment interview occasions and enhanced hiring opportunities to our veterans and members of the National Guard and Reserve of the Great State of Missouri.

Veterans may also access info related to “Show Me Heroes” by contacting their regional Missouri Career Center. Here in Franklin County the contact information is:

Missouri Career Center, 1108 Washington Square Shopping Center, Washington, MO 63090. ph. Mac McPherson@ 1-636-239-6703 or email

President Barack Obama recently signed the Veterans Health Care Budget Reform and Transparency Act of 2009 into law. This new law will provide timely, predictable funding for the Veterans Health Administration one year ahead of the regular appropriations process. Over the past 2 decades, the VA budget has been late almost every year, often by months. This has generally caused delays and uncertainty that often plague funding for veterans health care.

President Obama stated “At this very moment, the VA is operating without a budget, making it harder for VA medical centers and clinics to deliver the care our vets need. The hardworking folks at the VA know this. It’s frustrating for them and it’s frustrating for our vets who pay the price when budgets are delayed: the new doctors, nurses, and critical staff that aren’t hired; the new medical equipment that isn’t purchased; the construction of new facilities and clinics that aren’t started; the new programs for medical care that are delayed.” President Obama went on to say “Again, with this message we are ensuring that the VA can more effectively plan for the future and our veterans will have the sources of care and support they have earned.”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi added “This is a happy day for us because we are making progress for our veterans. This landmark legislation upholds our commitment to our nation’s veterans, to the men and women who serve overseas so that we can know safety here at home. The support of 409 Members — a very, very strong bipartisan show of support — shows that they care for our veterans here in the Congress in a very bipartisan way.”

Speaker Pelosi, when she became Minority Leader, made a commitment to Veterans organizations to get this legislation passed. This bill was co-sponsored by Senator Danny Akaka (D-Hawaii) and by a young Senator (at that time) named Barack Obama, who as a presidential candidate made a promise to get this legislation passed.