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Check out the latest Automotive News video. It has footage of the new A123 Battery Plant in Michigan that opened today – creating jobs!

There is also a story on The Revenge of the Electric Car, a documentary by the creator of Who Killed the Electric Car. Revenge is about GM’s new leadership in technology and innovative, environmentally friendly automobile production!

Last but not least is the recall of seven different Nissan models!

Sullivan, MO – On Thursday, August 26, Sullivan VFW Post 3987 held a presentation ceremony for Staff Sergeant Kellis A. Richardson, to recognize his distinguished service to his county.

A crowd of nearly 75 veterans and well wishers were in attendance, along with the entire Richardson Family, including Kellis’ wife Amy, his parents Mike & Margaret, his brothers Michael and Jason, and his uncle Marvin.

Tod DeVeydt, candidate for District 111 State Representative, was master of ceremonies and presented the soldier a certificate of recognition, and a flag that had been flown in Kellis’ honor on July 4, over the Capitol, in Washington D.C.

Kellis Richardson is a Bronze Star recipient, has received two Army medals of commendation and eight Army achievement medals, has served three tours of duty in Iraq, and is currently deployed in Afghanistan. Staff Sergeant Richardson was on leave to celebrate the birth of his son, Kellis Jr.

You have to work with the evidence you’ve been given and apparently Franklin County Prosecutor, Bob Parks, did not feel he was given enough to file criminal charges against Brian Nieves for his alleged assault of Shawn Bell.

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This is just pure fun. Phil Davison, a Republican speaking to the Republican County Committee has a speech you won’t forget. Be sure to read the comments at TPM to complete this humorous experience.

Many Franklin County residents are frustrated with a recession brought on by Free Trade, deregulation, and reckless tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans that failed to create one net new job in the last decade.

Unfortunately, this frustration is magnified by politicians and policies that give the impression these policymakers don’t even know anyone that has ever received an unemployment check. As Republican Senators Bunning and Coburn filibustered the previous extension of unemployment benefits to Republican Senator and Minority Leader Mitch McConnnell holding up the latest extension for seven weeks while Americans lost their homes, cars, and lives this frustration grew.

If you are worried and frustrated about this nations future and your ability to sustain through this Bush Recession there is a new Union of the Unemployed that is devoted to stranding up for the rights of workers that are now without work. Please check out their website

Take a minute to sign up and watch the video – Bite Back. Finally, an organization that will support the unemployed.

Brian Nieves is upset because Shawn Bell’s attorney has subpoenaed his wife’s cell phone records …

In a statement to The Missourian Thursday afternoon, Nieves called the amended petition a “legal parlor trick” and said they “surprised us” by issuing a subpoena on his wife, Julie, and a subpoena for her cell phone records.

Nieves called the subpoena of his wife “questionable,” but “demanding her cell phone records is an abuse and a sign of harassment.” He said his wife’s cell phone records have no bearing on the case.

“They’ve shifted part of their attention directly at my wife in ways we believe to be clearly inappropriate, but the amended petition at the last moment was icing on the cake,” Nieves said. “We had no choice but to ask for a continuance.”

Bell alleged in his statement to police that Nieves forced him to phone his wife during the assault and apologize to her for dirty tricks that occurred during the GOP primary. But if the incident never happened, as Nieves claims, there will be no phone record of the call. And if there is no phone record of the call it would go a long way in proving Nieves’s innocence. In fact, if Brian’s version of events is accurate and “this is a 100 percent totally frivolous case with no merit,” Nieves and his attorney should be the ones offering up the phone records as proof. There should be no need for a subpoena.

The only reason I can think of that would cause Nieves to react in this way is if he knows the phone call took place. And the only reason I can think of that would cause his attorney to request a postponement of the hearing is so they can all figure out a way to plausibly explain that call.

What ever happened to George W. Bush? You remember him. He was the guy who raised the national deficit to levels never seen before, who increased government spending to its highest levels since the Johnson Administration, all while marching us into Iraq, the most costly and unnecessary war of choice in our country’s history.

He was the guy whose deregulatory policies helped to run our economy into a ditch, costing millions of Americans their jobs and their homes. And then, when the housing market finally collapsed, signed the Wall Street bank bailouts into law in order to rescue the financial geniuses who created the economic crisis in the first place.

He was the guy who was minding the store when our nation experienced its biggest terrorist attack on Sept. 11, 2001, the guy who led the hapless emergency response effort in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina five years ago. Remember him?

It’s funny, because most Republicans I talk to these days don’t seem to.

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For the last 15 years Labor Day has been one of my favorite holidays. The rest of the year seems to be devoted to the pursuit of riches no matter the means but for one day the workers that make it all possible are actually mentioned and recognized.
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If you earn less than $250,000 a year and vote Republican, you are cutting your own throat. And here’s why: The Republican Party is the political arm of corporate America. The Democratic Party is trying to regain some of the security and benefits that middle class Americans enjoyed between 1950 and 1980. continue reading…

On Tuesday, Aug, 31:

The attorney representing political campaign worker Shawn Bell in an adult abuse case against state Rep. Brian Nieves (R – Washington) has subpoenaed Nieve’s wife, Julie, to testify at a court hearing Thursday.

On Thursday, Sept. 2:

A hearing on a request for a full order of protection against state Rep. Brian Nieves (right), R-Washington, has been postponed again — this time at the request of Nieves’ attorney.

The hearing has been rescheduled for Monday, Sept. 20. Time enough for everyone to get their stories straight, I suppose. Remember, Bell alleged in his statement to police that Nieves forced him to phone Julie Nieves and apologize to her for an anonymous letter that was mailed to Franklin County residents alleging infidelity on Nieves’ part during the primary campaign.

Meanwhile, Franklin County Prosecutor, Bob Parks, is closer to making a decision on whether or not to file criminal charges against Nieves. We may see something on that front by next week. Stay tuned.

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