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With the never-ending stream of commercials describing the many faults of Roy Blunt and Robin Carnahan it is becoming very difficult to figure out what or who they really represent. Fortunately, one of these candidates has been in Congress since 1996 and his voting record will tell us who he will represent if elected U.S. Senator from Missouri.

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The Franklin County Democrats had a strong showing at the Labadie Environmental Organization’s 5K Walk/Run on Sept. 18 in Labadie.

Randy Downs (left) wins first place, yours truly takes third for the old-timers

Congratulations to Democratic Committeeman, Randy Downs, for winning first place in the 20-29 age bracket and first place for the overall men’s division. My daughter, Maggie Phillips, won 2nd place in the women’s 20-29 age group. And I even managed a third place win for the old crows 50+ division. Heh.

Lots of other Democrats showed up to support LEO. Gloria Sennert and Teresa Connelly also participated in the run and walk, and Susan Cunningham was a volunteer. George “Boots” Weber, our candidate for Missouri’s 26th Senate District, even stopped by to show his support (I couldn’t talk him into running though).

LEO has done a great job bringing awareness to the hazards of coal ash and to the proposed coal ash landfill in the Labadie Bottoms floodplain.

Remember, Tuesday, September 21st at 7:00 pm at The County Government Center in Union will be the last planning and zoning hearing on the coal ash zoning amendment. We will find out what they will recommend to the county commissioners. Be sure to attend this pivotal meeting.

Enjoy this video of elected officials commenting about the International Trade Commission hearings regarding the use of illegal Chinese subsidies to their paper industry and the resulting threat to American jobs. The United Steelworkers filed the suit against China and remains the most effective organization in the country in fighting for American jobs put at risk by unfair trade practices.

The Representatives and Senators featured in this video are the ones representing their constituents and the American economy. Yes, there is a difference between the political parties but as the failed trade policies of the recent past are exposed public officials of all parties are recognizing the need to fight back.

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A Robin Carnahan campaign ad that has been airing for about a week is so effective that Fox News has sued Carnahan to have it taken off the air on the ridiculous grounds that it appears Fox and Wallace are endorsing her. Carnahan has temporarily removed the video from her site, leaving this message.

But you can still watch it here: Well, the YouTube video of the ad in question has been taken down but this one will tide us over until we can find another. It says pretty much the same thing:

In the ad, Wallace addresses Blunt and says, “You just said a moment ago that you have to show that you’re the party of reform but some question whether you are the man to do that. In 2002, you tried to insert language into the Homeland Security Act to help Phillip Morris tobacco [company] while you were dating that company’s lobbyist. And your campaign committee’s paid $485,000 to a firm linked to lobbyist Jack Abramoff.”

Wallace then asks Blunt, “Are you the one to clean up the house?”

Pretty effective ad I’d say — because it’s all true. Remember, Fox isn’t suing on the grounds that the clips used in the ad distort the truth. They just don’t like footage from their newscasts being used in ads put out by Democrats. Fair and balanced as always.

Tuesday, September 21st at 7:00 pm at The County Government Center in Union will be the last planning and zoning hearing on the coal ash zoning amendment issue. Find out what they will recommend to the county commissioners. Don’t you want to know how it turns out? Be there. Why is that important?

Let’s show them that the public support over the summer was not a fluke. Hundreds and hundreds of folks showed up on 3 occasions during vacation season and showed we are not too busy or apathetic to care about what happens in Franklin County. Thank you. We must sustain public support for this important issue.

More info at LEO’s website

Have you heard about the One Nation Working Together? On 10/2/10 people from all over the country will be marching on Washington D.C. to support job creation and support for the unemployed. For more information check out…

More information on Ed Schulz website, including current clips of the Ed Show.

I’m a sucker for the underdog. It’s a great American story — that improbable character who comes from behind to beat the odds in the face of adversity. It’s the story of David and Goliath, of Seabiscuit, of the 1969 World Series, and the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team. It was the unlikely Republican nomination of Abraham Lincoln in 1860 and that unforgettably inaccurate headline in 1948 that read “Dewey Defeats Truman.” No one gave any of them a chance. No one gave any of them any respect — until they stunned the world and the experts and came from behind to win.

The race for the 26th Senate District has the potential to be another great American story. George “Boots” Weber is an unlikely political candidate for this day and age. He does not accept contributions. He has no ties to establishment insiders in Jefferson City. He’s not beholden to any corporate lobbyists or special interests. His character is untarnished by scandal. He’s driven by one simple principle that has guided him his entire life: a commitment to serve his country and his community with honor to the best of his abilities.

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Check out the latest Automotive News video. It has footage of the new A123 Battery Plant in Michigan that opened today – creating jobs!

There is also a story on The Revenge of the Electric Car, a documentary by the creator of Who Killed the Electric Car. Revenge is about GM’s new leadership in technology and innovative, environmentally friendly automobile production!

Last but not least is the recall of seven different Nissan models!

Sullivan, MO – On Thursday, August 26, Sullivan VFW Post 3987 held a presentation ceremony for Staff Sergeant Kellis A. Richardson, to recognize his distinguished service to his county.

A crowd of nearly 75 veterans and well wishers were in attendance, along with the entire Richardson Family, including Kellis’ wife Amy, his parents Mike & Margaret, his brothers Michael and Jason, and his uncle Marvin.

Tod DeVeydt, candidate for District 111 State Representative, was master of ceremonies and presented the soldier a certificate of recognition, and a flag that had been flown in Kellis’ honor on July 4, over the Capitol, in Washington D.C.

Kellis Richardson is a Bronze Star recipient, has received two Army medals of commendation and eight Army achievement medals, has served three tours of duty in Iraq, and is currently deployed in Afghanistan. Staff Sergeant Richardson was on leave to celebrate the birth of his son, Kellis Jr.

You have to work with the evidence you’ve been given and apparently Franklin County Prosecutor, Bob Parks, did not feel he was given enough to file criminal charges against Brian Nieves for his alleged assault of Shawn Bell.

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