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The non-stop drumbeat of news about the Trump campaign and Putin’s Russia accelerates the context is easy to forget. An in-depth examination of the history and current events provides a unique perspective for those wanting to know more. One of the authors is David Remnick, the current editor of The New Yorker, and has appeared […]

This week’s Democratic Radio: Fred Harris Fred Harris, sometimes called the godfather of populism, says progressives need to build a farm team now that we’ve lost a whole generation of younger people who should have been in Congress by now. Vinnie Rotondaro Donald Trump preyed on people’s physical, as well as economic pain, to get […]

As The Donald proposes a massive increase to our military budget, which is already larger than the next ten nations combined, at the expense of other federal agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency this is a good time to see how things have changed. Popular Science does just that in this look back in […]

The Missouri Supreme Court just cleared the way for the minimum wage in St. Louis to rise to $11 an hour in 2018. The GOP and business groups had fought, as usual, against a wage increase. Back in 2006, these same groups fought tooth and nail against a referendum I was proud to work for […]

Let’s go back a few days for this editorial from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on how Mr. Blow-it-Up Governor Greitens almost melted down in an editorial meeting when asked about certain issues. The Gov. has also gone out of his way to avoid a free exchange with all forms of media. Is he hiding something? […]

Our western neighbor has been the leading example of right-wing state level economics. This has been complete with promises of job growth, limits on worker and consumer rights, tax cuts for the richest Kansans, and promises of freedom – lots of freedom. Well as the song says “Freedom is just another word for nothing left […]

The era of Republican donor Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary begins with some studies that bring her outlook into question. The New York Times lays it out in Dismal Voucher Results Surprise Researchers as DeVos Era Begins… The first results came in late 2015. Researchers examined an Indiana voucher program that had quickly grown to […]

The Trump Truth-0-Meter has leg coverings all over the country smoking like a tobacco executive. Can anyone figure fact from fiction? How do we know? The Progressive offers this book review of Deciding What’s True, The Rise of Political Fact-Checking in American Journalism. The value of credible fact-checking outlets, even if they are not infallible, […]