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Enjoy this video from the website of Henry Rifles. This gentlemen is disposing of everything in his house that is not American made – see what’s left.

The AFL-CIO has just released their new website which allows you to find out which firms have been Outsourcing Jobs, have Health & Safety violations, or are charged with violations of the National Labor Relations Act.

All you have to do is enter your zip code and click – Bam, all the irresponsible employers will appear right before your eyes. Have fun and be prepared to be surprised!

Tired of all the negative campaign ads? Consider that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is spending millions to air these ads while raising money from foreign companies.

A few people might still believe the Chamber is a voice for American business but through the years they have done their best to prove otherwise.

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The U.S. House passed Currency Reform Act 348-79.  legislation will remedy the Chinese practice of undervaluing its currency. The effect of this undervaluation is to make Chinese goods less expensive in the U.S. and make U.S. goods more expensive in China. Many economists believe that the Chinese have kept their currency undervalued by 30-40% and this has led to our massive, job-destroying trade deficit with China.

In 2009, our annual trade deficit with China was 226 billion dollars.

A summary and complete roll call vote on HR 2378 can be found here.

Now if we can find a few Republicans that believe in American jobs, trade partners that don’t cheat, and know a little economics to act on those beliefs in the Senate. Imagine how many jobs, tax revenue, and lives would be changed if America produced another $226 billion in goods and services!

The Health Care Affordability Act of 2009 was historic legislation but also very complicated. This complex legislation has bred numerous rumors and concerns. From the “death panels” rumor that won Lie of the Year from Politifact ( to charges of socialism it is very hard to assess the true benefits of this legislation.

In response, the Kaiser Family Foundation – a non-partisan organization focused on health care in America has released this entertaining cartoon video that makes learning about this subject easy. Please take a few minutes to watch and then send to friends and family that may need a little help learning what benefits they now have. Better yet, copy and paste this web address and send to your e-mail list.

Marty Levitt, the author of Confessions of a Union – Buster is back. In this video he discusses the current campaign by the AFA-CWA (Association of Flight Attendants – Communication Workers of America) on behalf of workers at Delta Airlines.

Marty Levitt was a practicing union-buster/labor relations specialist for nineteen years and after an attack of conscience switched sides and began revealing his tactics to bust union organizing drives and fuel decertification drives to unions and their organizers. For anyone that has ever been through an organizing campaign at their workplace much of this will look very familiar.

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Today is the first day of benefits created by the health care reform (Affordable Care Act) passed by Congress and signed by President Obama.

This partial list of benefits is from the website,

September 23, 2010 represents a new day for American consumers in our health care system. This is the day that a series of new rights, benefits, and protections under the Affordable Care Act begin to bring to an end some of the worst abuses of the insurance industry. Combined, these new will put consumers, not insurance companies, in charge of their health care. Below is a brief summary of the new restrictions for insurance companies and new rights for consumers beginning to take effect:

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With the never-ending stream of commercials describing the many faults of Roy Blunt and Robin Carnahan it is becoming very difficult to figure out what or who they really represent. Fortunately, one of these candidates has been in Congress since 1996 and his voting record will tell us who he will represent if elected U.S. Senator from Missouri.

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Enjoy this video of elected officials commenting about the International Trade Commission hearings regarding the use of illegal Chinese subsidies to their paper industry and the resulting threat to American jobs. The United Steelworkers filed the suit against China and remains the most effective organization in the country in fighting for American jobs put at risk by unfair trade practices.

The Representatives and Senators featured in this video are the ones representing their constituents and the American economy. Yes, there is a difference between the political parties but as the failed trade policies of the recent past are exposed public officials of all parties are recognizing the need to fight back.

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Have you heard about the One Nation Working Together? On 10/2/10 people from all over the country will be marching on Washington D.C. to support job creation and support for the unemployed. For more information check out…

More information on Ed Schulz website, including current clips of the Ed Show.

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