Let’s go back a few days for this editorial from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on how Mr. Blow-it-Up Governor Greitens almost melted down in an editorial meeting when asked about certain issues. The Gov. has also gone out of his way to avoid a free exchange with all forms of media. Is he hiding something? Find out in Governor Eric Greitens cannot or will not answer questions…

For a former Navy SEAL commander, Greitens oddly seems to be running from something. Or he believes he’s above accountability. Some reporters say they have been rebuffed or ignored even when they sought him out for favorable stories.Wimpy

During his campaign for governor, Greitens was interviewed by the Post-Dispatch editorial board. Asked about his support for controversial stop-and-frisk policies for police officers, he grabbed his forehead and said the questions were “making my head hurt.” Inquiries about campaign finance reform and looming state budget problems? He dismissed such questions as topics voters didn’t care about.

The result of this cartoonish interplay is that Greitens leaves far too many questions unanswered. We’ll keep a running list, and reporters should begin listing their own in their stories.

For starters:

• Who gave you a nearly $2 million campaign donation in a way that shields their identity?

• Why keep donor identities secret?

• How much money did you receive for your inaugural celebration and who gave it to you?

• Can we see your tax returns?

• Why won’t you talk to the news media?