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This week on the TRavis Smiley Show featured the most knowledgeable person in the country on trade policy. Lori Wallach heade up Public Citizen Trade Watch and joined Tavis to discuss NAFTA, TPP, what Trump could and would do and a few other topics in this half hour segment. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Lori M. Wallach has been director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch since 1995. Wallach is an expert on the operations and outcomes of tradeLori Wallach policies such as NAFTA, WTO, Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority and more. She is steeped in the domestic and international politics of current trade negotiations and disputes, including TPP and TAFTA/TTIP. Wallach works closely with Congress and civil society, scholars, and activists in the U.S and developing countries to foster the growing debate about implications of different models of globalization on jobs, off-shoring, wages, the environment, public health and food safety, equality and social justice, and democratically accountable governance. She’s author of The Rise and Fall of Fast Track Trade Authority.