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Fortune magazine has the latest from Tory Newmyer and a look from the top of the corporate towers in What Trump, Cruz, and Sanders Mean for the Political Establishment…

 But even if the party elites do get what they want and the general election features a pair of establishment-friendly candidates (say Clinton and Rubio), they stand to inherit an electorate increasingly riven along class lines as much as partisan ones. Put another way, Trump (and Sanders) may fade this spring, but Trumpism is likely to stick around for a while.View image on Twitter

Some recent polling explains why. A solid majority of Americans, 54%, now think the country’s economic and political systems are “stacked against them,” and that number has been climbing over the past five years, according to a Wall Street Journal/NBC survey. In the same study, nearly seven in 10 Americans describe themselves as angry that government “seems only to be working for those with money and power, like those in Washington or on Wall Street,” rather than everyday people. The public is so cynical about elected officials, 55% believe “ordinary Americans” would do a better job solving big problems, a Pew Research Center poll found.

“There’s so much anger out there on both sides, successful candidates will need to channel it,” says Democratic pollster Jeff Horwitt.

And that suggests the next White House occupant will have a tough time, if he or she is even so inclined, advancing corporate priorities like freer trade and comprehensive immigration reform. Trump and Sanders, the two candidates consistently drawing the biggest crowds, are working off a common roster of C-suite bogeymen: price-gouging drug companies, executives moving factories abroad, and billionaire speculators on Wall Street gambling with other people’s money. That both candidates stir such deep working-class animus, across party lines, should brace Chamber of Commerce types. For business to get what it wants, it may have to make big, public concessions to the voting masses in return—if not, there are plenty of candidates waiting to do it for them.

It appears the “C” suite crowd is using their friends in corporate media in an attempt to hide the level of anger and enthusiasm for a change.  US Uncut tells the story in Media Blackout As Thousands of Bernie Sanders March in 45 Cities.   Their are video clips of activists all over the country proving that things are about to change and the elite may as well get ready.  The corporate media may ignore the grassroots but the roots are spreading, show it or not.

Thousands of cheering Bernie supporters have packed metropolitan sidewalks and streets, further cementing the rallying cry that the Bernie phenomenon is more than a Presidential campaign. It’s a passionate political movement that demands revolution. Despite everything they’ve battled so far, the Sanders campaign is thriving.


Courtesy of Common Dreams, George Lakey brings us How Swedes and Norway Broke The Power Of The 1%…

By 1935, Norway was on the brink. The Conservative-led government was losing legitimacy daily; the 1 percent became increasingly desperate as militancy grew among workers and farmers. A complete overthrow might be just a couple years away, radical workers thought. However, the misery of the poor became more urgent daily, and the Labor Party felt increasing pressure from its members to alleviate their suffering, which it could do only if it took charge of the government in a compromise agreement with the other side.Image result for Image, 1%

This it did. In a compromise that allowed owners to retain the right to own and manage their firms, Labor in 1935 took the reins of government in coalition with the Agrarian Party. They expanded the economy and started public works projects to head toward a policy of full employment that became the keystone of Norwegian economic policy. Labor’s success and the continued militancy of workers enabled steady inroads against the privileges of the 1 percent, to the point that majority ownership of all large firms was taken by the public interest. (There is an entry on this case as well at the Global Nonviolent Action Database.)

The 1 percent thereby lost its historic power to dominate the economy and society. Not until three decades later could the Conservatives return to a governing coalition, having by then accepted the new rules of the game, including a high degree of public ownership of the means of production, extremely progressive taxation, strong business regulation for the public good and the virtual abolition of poverty. When Conservatives eventually tried a fling with neoliberal policies, the economy generated a bubble and headed for disaster. (Sound familiar?)

Labor stepped in, seized the three largest banks, fired the top management, left the stockholders without a dime and refused to bail out any of the smaller banks. The well-purged Norwegian financial sector was not one of those countries that lurched into crisis in 2008; carefully regulated and much of it publicly owned, the sector was solid.

Although Norwegians may not tell you about this the first time you meet them, the fact remains that their society’s high level of freedom and broadly-shared prosperity began when workers and farmers, along with middle class allies, waged a nonviolent struggle that empowered the people to govern for the common good.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution.


The previous post by Andy Borowitz is one of many of Andy’s satirical sketches featured on this blog.  As with all good satire there is a kernel of truth to make the piece funny.

This post is not satire but just another ridiculous bit of news that has the rest of the country laughing at the Show-Me state.  Barbara Shelly of the Kansas City Star has the story in Missouri legislator thinks two years in office make him a lawyer or a judge..

It’s saying a lot, but Rep. Robert Ross of Summersville, Mo., may have introduced the strangest bill yet to come out of the Missouri General Assembly.

House Bill 2610 proposes that an elected representative who serves at least two years in the Missouri House or Senate shall qualify to practice law in the state of Missouri.

And don’t think we’re just talking about drafting wills and finalizing estates. Ross’s bill would enable ex-legislators to don a judge’s robe in any circuit court in Missouri.

That’s right. Two years in the legislature and you’re golden. No LSAT tests, no stressful law school exams, no cramming for the Missouri Bar. Go right to the top.

Ross’s bill is not scheduled for a hearing, and perhaps it never will be, given the hilarity that broke out on Twitter as word got around.

Wonder if Republicans Paul Curtman or Justin Alferman are sizing up their new robes and special sash?

I guess their objection to paying dues,as in Right-to-Work allowing those receiving the benefits of collective bargaining to skip paying dues for those benefits, is reflected in the GOP support for this bill.  After all, why pay the dues, effort, and hard work needed to become a lawyer when you can just take it?  Let’s call it RIGHT-TO-FREELOAD A FAKE DEGREE.

Andy Borowitz examines the importance of yesterday’s endorsement of Donald Trump by David Duke of the KKK, failed candidate Chris Christie…

The scheduling of Christie’s endorsement just one day after the K.K.K. luminary’s boost was “obviously far from ideal,” the Trump aide Harland Dorrinson said.

“In a perfect world, you’d like some daylight between Christie’s endorsement and Duke’s statement of support, so they’d each have maximum impact,” he said. “As major as the Christie news is, we wouldn’t want the Duke thing to get lost in the shuffle.”

The aide said that the events of the past twenty-four hours have been “dizzying.” “When the Christie thing happened, we were still celebrating the David Duke thing,” he said. “It’s been crazy.”

Dorrinson said that the Trump campaign expects an avalanche of endorsements from G.O.P. leaders, white supremacists, and neo-Nazis in the days and weeks ahead. “Sure, that’s going to cause scheduling problems,” he said. “But those are the kinds of problems every campaign would love to have.”

For contrast, check out this re-post of rapper Killer Mike talking economics with Bernie Sanders.  This originally was posted last December 15th.

If you are wondering why Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz seems to be careening from one scandal to another the New York Times has the answer.  Behind Ted Cruz’s Campaign Manager, Scorched Earth and Election Victories is the story of Missourian Jeff Roe.  Jeff Roe

You may remember Jeff Roe from his involvement in the famous fight and gun display by former Franklin County resident and State Senator Brian Nieves…

Nieves declined to identify who the state “kingmakers” were, but asserted, “I know who they are, and they probably know I’m about to ‘out’ them.”The emcee of the event, Cindy McGee — chairwoman of Show-Me Patriots, a conservative group aligned with the Tea Party movement — was not so reticent.

“James Harris and Jeff Roe are going down!” shouted McGee, referring to two top Republican consultants who had worked for Stratman… .

These are the people that the GOP is trying to keep worked up so that they will turn out and sweep them back into power – people who seem ready to haul out the torches and pitchforks on cue – anybody’s cue*. One has to ask, how is that responsible politics?


Crawl inside this prototype of the Chevrolet Bolt, the first mass-production all electric car to get 200 miles on a single charge.  It appears Chevy is walking the walk while Tesla is still talking the talk…Chevy Bolt

We got the chance to test drive the Chevy Bolt, an electric vehicle going into production by the end of 2016 that promises to be an “affordable electric vehicle for the masses.” With a price tag of $30,000, Tesla may have some competition.

TPM has the story about a New Hampshire Republican that claims the Pope is the Anti-Christ...

A New Hampshire state representative who once said Donald Trump is the only politician she believes in came to the Republican candidate’s defense during his tiff with Pope Francis on Thursday, calling the Pope “the anti-Christ.”

In response to her own Facebook post of three snippets of scripture from the Geneva Bible, Rep. Susan DeLemus (R) wrote: “The Pope is the anti-Christ. [sic] Do your research.” In another response, DeLemus said “I’m not sure who the Pope truly has in his heart.”Image result for Image, antichrist

She told Politico that she was generally referring to the papacy, rather than Pope Francis in particular.

“I was actually referencing the papacy. And what I wrote after that ‘do your research,’ if you read the Geneva Bible, which is the Bible I use when we study, the commentary is – actually by the founders of the United States actually, the Protestant Church – their commentary references the papacy as the anti-Christ,” DeLemus said.

This may come as a shock to many area Catholics that consider themselves “values voters.”  Now that at least one Republican views them as worshiping the anti-Christ will it affect how Catholics view the GOP?  Only time will tell.  The Pew Research Center recently polled what religious denominations vote Republican or Democrat.

Nationwide, 37% of Catholics lean Republican while 44% lean Democratic.  The chart below illustrates many denominations and their political leanings…

The political preferences of U.S. political groups

The Progressive has this interview with America’s most successful political celluloid activist Michael Moore in A Working Class Filmmaker Is Something To Be…

Q: Love your new movie. How did you get the idea for Where to Invade Next?

Michael Moore: [Laughs.] Well, considering that’s all we’ve been doing for the last decade and a half, it wasn’t too much of a stretch. I just thought, “What if we started invading countries in a different manner?”

Q: And for different reasons?

Moore: And for different reasons—and not use violence.

Q: Where to Invade Next implies that it’s time for a woman President in the United States. What do you think of the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina?

Moore: Well, the movie implies that the countries that elect women—not just as President, but in their parliaments and legislatures, the more women that are elected, the better off people are. But that can’t happen with just one person in the White House, in this case. And I have a lot of problems with Hillary, obviously.

Q: What do you think of the candidacy of Bernie Sanders and what will come out of that campaign?

Moore: Here’s what I’ve been telling people: Eighty-one percent of the electorate next year is going to be either female, people of color, or young adults between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five. Eighty-one percent. The Republicans, especially Donald Trump, have alienated all three groups, so I think whoever has a D beside their name is going to win. So I encourage people to vote for the person they’d like to see President and not worry about who’s going to win. I think Bernie can win, I think Hillary could win. [On February 1, Moore officially endorsed Sanders.]


Andy Borowitz looks back in time and finds a man that America misses the most this campaign season in Voters Long for Candidate That Only Wanted To Screw 47% of The People…

“He threw thousands of people out of their jobs and onto the streets, but he let them stay in the country,” said Kent Bantwell, of Springfield, Missouri. “I’ve got to say, I miss him.”

Harland Dorrinson, of Jupiter, Florida, said that he wished that the man would jump into the 2016 race, but admitted that was unlikely. “That secret tape where he said he was screwing over forty-seven per cent of the country would be brought up again,” he said. “The fact that he wasn’t screwing over a bigger number would come back to haunt him now.”

Carol Foyler, of San Dimas, California, said she wished she could take back “all the nasty things” she said about the man when he ran for President in 2012. “I called him a jerk and a tool and a sociopath—and worse,” she remembered, shaking her head. “Now he seems like Mandela.”

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