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MNEA Legislative Update   Week 18, No. 2, May 12, 2015
By Otto Fajen   MNEA Legislative Director
The Senate took the rare step of forcing an end to debate by moving the “previous question” several times to force votes on a controversial bill that would affect the constitutional bargaining rights of all Missourians.
The Senate approved SCS/HCS/HBs 116 & 569 (Burlison) by a vote of 21-13.  The bill contains the so-called “Right-to-Work” proposal.  The “Right-to-Work” provision applies to all employees and would remove the ability of labor unions to receive compensation for the costs of fulfilling their duties as exclusive representative.
The Senate version now returns to the House for its approval.  The changes in the SCS are primarily the inclusion of specific penalty provisions for violations of the act.  The House concluded floor action for the day before the Senate passed HB 116, but the bill could be taken up by the House as soon as May 13.
The Association opposes the bill and appreciates the support of the bipartisan group of Senators who voted against the bill.
The Senate actually spent almost the entire day with amendments pending to add the Paycheck Deception proposal for certain public labor organizations, but those amendments were all withdrawn before the forced votes were taken on the original bill pertaining to “Right-to-Work.”
Paycheck Deception would apply to most public labor organizations and require annual, written authorization for payroll deduction of member contributions for dues and for political action.
The Association opposes Paycheck Deception.  All employees have the constitutional right to participate in the Association and work together to support political campaigns without undue interference from state policies that would undermine those rights.