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I went to YouTube looking for something else and came across a dynamite video of this fast fingered freak.  Enjoy the legendary Stevie Ray Vaughn and his cover of “Superstition.”

This article from FORTUNE magazine by Stanley Bing – What The Dickens, seemed a perfect fit for the WalMart/Testa Rosa graphic that was postedDickensconditions today.

How 21st-century capitalism is producing 19th-century working conditions.

It’s well known that in Las Vegas the game is played for the benefit of the house. You think you’re there for your own reasons—have a few drinks, play a couple of hands, stay up all night to get lucky. That’s an illusion. You’re there to feed the machine. The rest is incidental, particularly to the machine.

The big game is not that different. That is why we who work for a living need a bit of help now and then, rules and conditions that level the playing field a little. Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, there have been gains in that regard. They were hard won. Shorter hours. Better working conditions. The chance to stay up all night to get lucky.

But in the past maybe 20 years or so, the scales have shifted back. Working conditions that Dickens would recognize have reemerged and are being sold to us not as concessions, not as regressions, but as really cool developments we’re supposed to embrace.

One: Open-plan offices. My friend Harrison is the president of a big company, reporting to the CEO. His office just went to open plan. “It’s great,” he says, “except, you know, I can’t eat my lunch without conversing with every person who walks by my space, or have a private conversation.” The open-plan office is the factory floor. No more privacy for anybody. The homogenization of work experience. Constant scrutiny. There’s an illusion of democratization, as the bosses ostentatiously join the cadre at their standup desks and glassed-in conference rooms. But believe me, Mike Bloomberg and Mark Zuckerberg have someplace to go when they want to take a nap.

Two: Bad wages.

Poor Turkey

This week’s audio netcast:  Thanksgiving, a time for giving thanks – and for eating and drinking. This week, Professor Courtney Thomas says our food safety system is woefully antiquated. Professor Karen Piper warns that the world is on the brink of water wars – and that can affect our food supply. And Bill Press talks with Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy about Republican obstruction on protecting Americans’ privacy.

This 18 minute interview with former Canadian Prime Minister and Finance Minister Paul Martin focuses on the actions taken by Canada that allowed that nation to avoid the bank collapse, bailout, and recession the United States experienced in 2008. As a bonus, he explains his positions on income inequality, CEO pay, entitlements, and even the Keystone pipeline.  Be warned, his views don’t line up with the stereotypical positions of American Democrats and Republicans.  An interesting interview with a man that has been a player in world economics and has taken responsibility for his positions.

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