Despite the GOP’s claims that they and they alone are the arbiters of small-government, free-market capitalism, the facts tell a different story. Private sector employment has moved into net positive territory for the first time in a long time under President Obama, while the stock market is up and public sector jobs are down. Exactly the opposite was true under Bush.

To recap, under Obama:

  • Private sector jobs: Up by 35 thousand
  • Public sector jobs: Down 608 thousand
  • Stock market: Up by 64%

And under Bush:

  • Private sector jobs: Down by 646 thousand
  • Public sector jobs: Up by 1.7 million
  • Stock market: Down 24%

Sure, a net gain of 35,000 is not much to brag about but it’s a heck of a lot better than 646,000 job losses. And Obama still has four more years to go ;-)!