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After another Sunday of Corporate political news and conservative pundits with a few DINO panelists it seems indisputable that President Obama is a big spender.  Unfortunately, the facts tell a different story as this chart shows. 

Of course there is a difference between deficits and spending that is ignored by conservatives or else they would have to address the revenue problem that is the root of deficit growth.  In addition, looking closely at spending would reveal their hero, the gipper, Ronald Reagan as the biggest spending president in recent memory.  Would you say he payed back campaign contributors while employing the Two Santa Claus theory? I would.

The chart also reveals that every Republican President ran larger deficits than both President Clinton or Obama.  No wonder right-wingers don’t want to talk about it.  Please feel free to share this with your consevative uncle.

In a recent edition the St. Louis Labor Tribune featured Rev. Richard Creason and his mass honoring St. Joseph the Worker at the annual Robert Kortkamp Memorial Union Labor Mass at the Shrine of St. Joseph.  Rev. Creason stated ” Now is the time for the working class to take back this nations’s economy”.


Simply stated, Jesus could very much be said to have been working class or middle class depending on which term you like better.

There are some for whom the term “working class” would be demeaning, but personally I have always used it to describe with great pride my own background.  My father was a Teamster driving a truck for 25 years after experiencing several periods of unemployment due to the depression.

Being working class always means taking pride in one’s work, of having the resources of life close at hand, of having a great support network of an extended family, and finally valuing highly a good education.

I offer the following challenge not only for us gathered here this day, but for all America:  “Now is the time for the working class to take back the economy of our nation.”

From the Detroit News,

 Today, May 26 will mark the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Overpass, the infamous encounter between leaders of a young United Auto Workers and Ford Motor Co. security men on a footbridge over Miller Road outside the company’s River Rouge complex. It would prove a defining moment in the history of Detroit and American labor. The UAW had won its first major victory in the fight to organize American automakers with its famous Sit-Down Strike against General Motors’ operations in Flint that ended in February 1937.  By May of that year, all the big car companies had capitulated, except for one. A defiant Henry Ford still vowed that his company would never recognize the union or its right to bargain on behalf of his employees.  ”Labor unions are the worst things that ever struck the earth,” he declared.  Ford treated his employees better than his rivals, and many were devoutly loyal to the man and his company. But times were changing, and Ford’s Old World paternalism was rejected by a growing number of labor militants.  Ford resented what he saw as ingratitude and ordered his private police force, the notorious Ford Service Department, to do whatever was necessary to keep the UAW out of his factories.  But the union was undeterred. continue reading…

The Funny Times has a hilarious cartoon in this month’s edition – What Government Can Do.   It illustrates the bogus tea party argument and their depiction of the Tea Party is priceless.  Enjoy.

Please send this letter to Representative Luetkemeyer and Senators Bond and McCaskill to ensure you will receive any refunds you may be due.

Make sure Missourians get our refunds!

Dear [Decision Maker],

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, Missouri residents and small businesses who buy their own health insurance are due some $51 million in refunds this summer from insurers in the state. That’s significant savings, and I urge you to oppose any attempt to undermine the Medical Loss Ratio rule in the law that is delivering better value to residents.

A new report from Consumers Union, the policy and action arm of Consumer Reports, looked at the impact of the MLR rule on Missouri. Their findings show the law is providing real value to residents. You can get a copy of the report by using this link:

Individuals and small businesses in Missouri will get significant refunds. Meanwhile, the top insurance companies in the state booked millions in profits last year, showing that they can continue to thrive under the law while delivering more value to customers.

Some of Consumers Union’s findings:

* Several of the top health insurance companies expect to pay millions to policyholders, led by Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield, which anticipates giving $9.3 million back to 50,612 policyholders. Golden Rule has the second highest rebate amount, estimated at $3.9 million owed to 27,610 individual market policyholders.

* Small businesses with 50 or fewer employees will also get significant refunds, a real help in this economy. Anthem BCBS again leads with rebates estimating $19.7 million to 10,500 small businesses and other groups. And Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City estimates rebates of $5.5 million to 3,444 small businesses and other groups.

* The MLR rule encourages insurers to work smarter, spending less on overhead and more on customers’ medical care. In 2010, Anthem BCBS spent 66 percent of premiums on medical care. Last year it increased that to 76 percent. Golden Rule went from spending 62 percent of premiums on medical care to 79 percent.

* Meanwhile, the top insurance companies expecting to pay refunds recorded millions in profits last year, demonstrating they can continue to thrive in the state while delivering better value for residents.

Please take time to read the new Missouri report from Consumers Union, and oppose any attempts to undermine the MLR rule that helps deliver better health insurance value to residents.



This is what Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett has to show for two months of writing emails and nearly a week of nationwide ridicule in his investigation of President Obama’s birth certificate: a single sheet of paper.

Hawaii officials sent the man in charge of Arizona’s elections a one-page verification late Tuesday that President Obama was indeed born in their state in 1961.

There were no surprises in the document. It said the same things Hawaii officials and the president himself have been saying for years and it matched the information that appeared in a copy of the president’s long-form birth certificate released by the White House last year.

But for Bennett, a Republican and co-chairman of Mitt Romney’s Arizona campaign, it was something he hoped would quickly put a bewildering chapter of his career behind him.

“At the request of numerous constituents, I merely asked Hawaiian officials to verify the information contained within President Obama’s original birth certificate,” Bennett said in a written statement on Wednesday. “They have complied with the request and I consider the matter closed.”

This can only mean one thing: Ken Bennett is part of the vast left-wing cover up.

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster is currently leading a campaign to maintain the accuracy of Missouri’s No-Call List   This list prevents unwanted telemarketers from calling you at home.  You can register your home number at the Attorney General ‘s website or by calling 866-289-9633.

A similar list for cell phones was passed this session.  Thank goodness Blaine Luetkemeyer is no longer in the state legislature as he would be sponsoring legislation on the state level legislation to allow companies to call your cell phone like he has at the federal level.  Democrat Chris Koster vs Republican Blaine Luetkemeyer?  I’ll take Koster.

You have to check out the specifications on this 16,000 ton forging press in Cleveland that is going back on-line.

Reading some of the forging press’s specs provides an eye-opening look at just how complicated and integral manufacturing prowess and expertise is for a first world economy:

  • The eight steel bolts anchoring it are 40 inches thick;
  • Its 14 major structural components weigh as much as 250 tons each
  • Its steel bolts are 78 feet long;
  • In total, the machine weighs 16 million pounds;
  • Its eight main hydraulic cylinders deliver up to 50,000 tons of compressive force.
  • The overall power of the press is capable of lifting the battleship Iowa, with 860 tons to spare.
  • Despite its massive size, portions of the machine are so intricately designed that parts tolerances are measured in thousandths of an inch.

All of this should serve as a reminder of why the U.S. needs to hold on to its manufacturing prowess, and the skills to build and operate such monumental equipment.

DailyKos posted this video and interview with the workers of CSM Office Supplies in Marion, IN.  Unfortunately, their story is much like many others that had the misfortune to have the experience of saying goodbye to their livlihood thanks to the Job Cremator – Mitt Romney and Bain Capital. 

There are many more stories like this that reveal Romney to be the corporate pirate that lives behind the dyed hair and gray sideburns.  Some of these are featured on .  More ammo for that consevative uncle that will want to talk politics at your Memorial Day B-B-Q.

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