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Check out this heartbreaking video of those left behind after preventable worker death and injury. These are all accidents that were preceded by employers knowingly not taking steps to resolve a problem. There is currently legislation pending that will address this issue but it needs your help.

Please watch the video and then contact Blaine Luetkemeyer and let him know how you feel.

UPDATE 8/30/2010: The Washington Missourian reported in its weekend edition that county prosecutor, Bob Parks, has reviewed the initial police report but is waiting for detectives to do some additional investigating. Parks said he expects to make a decision on possible criminal charges after the Labor Day weekend. That Parks did not immediately dispose of the case is noteworthy.

KMOX Radio reports that The Washington Police Department has wrapped up its criminal investigation of Brian Nieves regarding the alleged assault charges brought by Shawn Bell, Dick Stratman’s campaign staffer. The report has been forwarded to Franklin County Prosecutor, Bob Parks.

So what happens next? continue reading…

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