Exceptional Equestrians in Krakow is now offering special sessions of their therapeutic riding program for disabled Veterans. These sessions are specifically designed for Veterans of all ages who have physical or mental injuries. This program “Horses for Heroes”, allows Veterans to receive these services at no cost to themselves.

EE is currently looking for Veterans to participate in the 12 session therapeutic riding program. Their injuries do not have to be combat-related or even recent and they don’t have to be physical injuries. Therapeutic riding can also help with post traumatic stress syndrome. Riding programs are very helpful to people with physical injuries as they assist in building up muscle strength, balance, and confidence. As far as mental injuries are concerned, it has often been said that the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man.

The “Horses for Heroes Program” is also looking for able-bodied Veterans who would be willing to volunteer to assist their fellow Veterans. The program will provide any training that is needed.  It takes several volunteers to assist just one disabled rider.

Anyone who is interested in participating in the “Horses for Heroes” program, either as a rider or a volunteer, should contact Lindsey Mohr or Laura Jenson at 636-390-2141. You can also visit their website which is: www.eemv.org . This is a new program that just started in March and both disabled participants and able-bodied volunteers are needed to make this work here in Franklin County. If you know a disabled Veteran who could benefit from this program, get them to contact Exceptional Equestrians. If you are a Veteran who would like to do something for fellow Vets, get on out there and volunteer.