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The Kansas City Star reports Roy Blunt’s Vietnam-era Deferments Become an Issue in 2016 Senate Race...

Sen. Roy Blunt’s claims about his Vietnam-era draft record have emerged as an issue in his re-election campaign against Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander, a Democrat.

In a news story posted online Wednesday morning, The Star reported Blunt received three draft deferments while a college student in the late 1960s. Blunt’s office did not disclose the deferments in 2015, when the newspaper specifically asked Blunt’s office about the senator’s draft history.

In a weekly telephone news conference with Missouri reporters later Wednesday, Blunt said he had not hidden the deferments.

“Anytime anybody ever asked me about that, I would have said I had student deferments and was then included in the first year of the lottery,” he said.

But Blunt’s office did not disclose the deferments in February 2015, when The Star directly asked if he had ever received one. The newspaper was researching a story about the relevance of military service to political campaigns.


Old Glory Grit, a  clothing company that features products Sewn, Grown, and Printed in the USA  has opened it’s online store.  Here’s the lowdown.  Please take a minute to check out their selection and support a local business that supports you…

So if you’re like us, true Red, White, and Blue American Patriots who are tired of seeing our loved ones lose jobs because they’re shipped overseas so the companies can make higher profit margins, companies fueling an economy that isn’t even ours, or the American flag and Patriotic verbiage being put on gear that wasn’t even manufactured here or from here, help our company rebuild our country from the ground up.Image result for american flag

This company is Law Enforcement Owned and operated.  That’s why 10% of all sales, not just“profits” will go to a charity or foundation that supports our Nations heroes.  The best part, you get to choose where we send the donation from your purchase.  We take great care in ensuring we choose good charities and foundations that actually spend the money they receive to help those they were designed for.  Not a charity or foundation that has a 90% operation cost where those they are supposed to help don’t see a dime.

Know a charity or foundation that you don’t see on our list, but should.  Send us an email at so we can check them out.

We didn’t start this company to get rich.  In fact we started this company to help do our part for the United States of America and our American brothers and sisters who are out there trying to make an honest living too.  Our American brothers and sisters who protect us and help shape our nation.

So there you have it.  We’re Americans just like you and damn proud to have the honor to say so.  Help us bring jobs back to our country, show the world that we are a contender and proud of what we can accomplish through sheer hard work, determination, and grit.  Help us bringPride back to America.

CNN Money has the details of a recent study by economist Gerald Friedman in Under Sanders, income and jobs would soar

This more sweeping analysis was not commissioned by the candidate, though Sanders’ policy director called it “outstanding work.” Friedman has worked with Sanders in the past, but has never received any compensation. The Vermont senator asked Friedman to estimate the cost of Sanders’ Medicare-for-all plan – which came out to $13.8 trillion over 10 years — and included the analysis when he unveiled his proposal last month.Eagle

Friedman, who believes in democratic socialism like the candidate, found that if Sanders became president — and was able to push his plan through Congress — median household income would be $82,200 by 2026, far higher than the $59,300 projected by the Congressional Budget Office.

In addition, poverty would plummet to a record low 6%, as opposed to the CBO’s forecast of 13.9%. The U.S. economy would grow by 5.3% per year, instead of 2.1%, and the nation’s $1.3 trillion deficit would turn into a large surplus by Sanders’ second term.

KWMU has this report on the latest effort by Missouri Republican legislators to lower the wages of Missouri workers.  Here’s an excerpt from Bill would eliminate Missouri’s Prevailing Wage law…

Kansas and Iowa do not have a prevailing wage law. Committee member Jon Carpenter, D-Gladstone, argued that states without a prevailing wage are among the country’s poorest and least educated.Image result for Image, Construction Workers

“We have states that for decades have been right-to-work states or haven’t had prevailing wage laws on the books,” he said. “All the data actually says that those states are the poorest, the least educated, the least healthy states in the country, and that’s after decades of being right-to-work and not having prevailing wage on the books.”

Adam McBride with the Missouri Labor District Council also supports Missouri’s prevailing wage law and opposes Love’s bill to scrap it.  He was one of several witnesses to testify in opposition.

“You can compete on skill, you can compete on overhead, you can compete on profit, but the one place you can’t compete under this law is on how low you can pay your employees,” McBride said.  ”That’s what we’re talking about.”

Merle Travis is a legendary Country picker and shows it in this recording of Nine Pound Hammer.  It’s audio only but is worth a listen.  Tonight will tell us who got hit the hardest in New Hampshire and who’s still swinging tomorrow.

Andy Borowitz shares the strategy behind Jeb Bush’s latest ad in Jeb Hopes to Woo Voters With Ad Featuring Worst President in U.S. History…

With the crucial New Hampshire primary just hours away, the Bush campaign believes it can finish strong by reminding voters of Jeb’s connection to a man who left the nation in smoldering ruins.Foreclosed

 In the ad, which Bush aides are calling “a fantastic closing argument,” Jeb’s ability to keep the United States safe and create peace around the world is praised by the President, whose decisions helped destabilize the Middle East and give rise to ISIS.

Across the state, the ad featuring the worst President in U.S. history is making a powerful impression on voters. “It brought back a lot of memories,” Carol Foyler, who lost her house in 2007, said.

With the ad scheduled to air around the clock until primary day, aides to Bush are hoping that the commercial, persuasive as it is, is not too little, too late. “We’re kicking ourselves that we didn’t air this sooner,” one Bush aide said. “An endorsement from [the person who presided over the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression] confers instant credibility.”

Last night, the folks at Saturday Night Live gave Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders the SNL treatment.  The first skitImage result for Image, Bernie Sanders on SNL is a recreation of the Titanic and how things might have been different with a little Democratic Socialism. Enjoy!

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